How to use the Marketplace in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

For Minecraft: Bedrock Edition players who have been curious about this button at the bottom of their main menu, diving into the Minecraft Marketplace can be a source of tons of content to enhance the gaming experience.

An easily navigable menu-based GUI allows Minecraft players to scroll through a growing assortment of downloadable goodies such as texture packs, crafting maps, minigames, skin packs, and more.

Clicking on the Marketplace button at the bottom of the Minecraft: Bedrock Edition main menu will present players with a number of options, with some of the most popular and trending downloads running to the fore.

Minecraft: Using the Minecraft Marketplace

The basic Minecraft Marketplace layout, showing popular downloads along with the player's current currency count in the top right (Image via Mojang)
The basic Minecraft Marketplace layout, showing popular downloads along with the player’s current currency count in the top right (Image via Mojang)

The amount of Minecraft content available in the game market can be surprising, but Mojang has made the virtual store easy to navigate. While some content is free to download, many will cost Minecoins (or tokens on Minecraft for PS4), which can be obtained by clicking the plus symbol in the top right of the screen next to the Minecoin meter.

This virtual currency will cost real money through microtransactions but can be exchanged for the desired content.

The “My Content” button is also listed at the top right of the screen. It lists all the DLC a player has purchased and keeps track of things like Minecraft Realms Plus and other subscriptions the player may have paid for.

As players browse the Minecraft Marketplace, they will find content listed in trays and categorized in multiple ways. Using these categories, players can find new, themed, best-selling, pop culture, and even staff-curated content.

Marketplace content is created and uploaded by content creators, who receive compensation when players upload their builds.

Content is also categorized into small buttons near the featured releases based on their purpose. For example, skin packs, worlds, as well as texture packs and various add-ons all have their own respective buttons to filter results.

For Minecraft players who know exactly what content they are looking for, they can click the search button on the top right of the screen to find specific builds. Once they find what they were looking for, players can click on the thumbnail and go to the purchase page.

On the purchase page, Minecraft Marketplace will display the price in Minecoins/Tokens or real currency to download the content. Most shopping pages also come with content description, screenshot galleries, and product user reviews.

Similar to the main Marketplace menu, players can also find categories here that display content related to the currently viewed product and more versions that the product’s content creator has also produced.

To purchase a piece of content, simply click on the button showing the cost in Minecoins/Tokens or real currency depending on what the player is comfortable using (free content does not require it).

This will subtract the Minecoin price from the player’s total or charge a valid payment option for the amount required to download the content. It will then appear on the player’s “My Content” page and can be used in-game!

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