How to use the setblock command in Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft commands can make the game much easier. There are tons of cool activities to do and items to get, but it can often be tricky.

Creative mode can often be seen as too easy, but surviving with commands or cheats can help strike that perfect balance between the two.

The Minecraft setblock command can be used to change one block to another. It can also be used to modify and customize pre-existing structures, such as a desert temple, a mansion in the woods, or a villager’s house. Here’s how to use it in Bedrock Edition.

To get an entire stone slab block! You can type the command directly in the chat or use a command block. The block you summon will appear where you are standing! #Minecraft /setblock ~ ~ ~ double_stone_slab 8

Setblock command guide in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Commands in Bedrock Edition work the same as in Java Edition. They are activated and entered in the same way. Coupled with this, they also have the same effects.

For Bedrock enthusiasts (and all Minecraft players), using commands disables achievements, so they have a low cost.

To enable them, players will need to go to world settings and scroll down until they see “Enable Cheats”. This can be done before creating the world or at any time during the game.

Once enabled, players will be notified that achievements are permanently disabled in this world. They can then use any command, including the “setblock command”.

The / key is important for players to input commands.  (Picture via Mojang)
The / key is important for players to input commands. (Picture via Mojang)

The setblock command syntax in Bedrock Edition is “/setblock [tileData] [replace¦destroy¦keep].” In this case, the tags refer to the following:

  • position refers to the xyz coordinate of each block to be replaced.
  • tileName refers to the name of the new block.
  • tileData is optional. It refers to the data value of the replacement block, which identifies if there are variations of that block (like wooden planks).
  • replace is also optional. This can tell the command to replace the block, including the air. This is the default, so it is not required.
  • keep is also optional. It can tell the command to replace the block if it is air.
  • destroy is also optional. This makes the command replace the block, including air. The original block will be dropped and can be retrieved as normal

The Setblock command is definitely a tool that players can use to have fun in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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