How to Use the XP Command in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition players looking for a quick boost in their experience levels have an alternative to breeding monsters or crafting certain items. The command console allows them to give each other loads of XP without any requirements.

The /xp command, used in Java Edition but also accessible on Minecraft platforms using Bedrock (including Pocket, Console, Windows 10, and Education Edition), has a slightly different command syntax but still works the same.

Minecraft: Using the XP Command

There is a maximum of players'  XP levels, and it can be reached via the /xp command (Image via Mojang).
There is a cap on player XP levels, and it can be reached via the /xp command (Image via Mojang).

Before activating the command, players will need to activate cheats by enabling the required slider in their game settings menu or by changing their server settings. They can also opt for operator privileges on a server or domain.

Once done, they can open their chat console and start typing the XP command. In Minecraft: Bedrock Edition specifically, the required command syntax is as follows:

  • /xp – Adds experience points to a player’s total.
  • /xp I – Adds experience levels to a player’s total, regardless of their total experience.

The syntax above is fortunately very simple, with players only needing two arguments to use the XP command. The Argument is simply a number of their choice, while the argument is the given screen name of a player who is currently online and in-game.

If done correctly, the command should provide the designated Minecraft player with the appropriate experience points or levels specified.

In addition to specific drives, one can also use target selectors for the argument . These selectors include:

  • @p – The closest player
  • @r – A random player
  • @a – All players
  • @e – All entities
  • @s – The entity that executed the order (yourself)

Using these designators, players can even create things like experience vendors by placing the XP command in a command block that targets those who interact with it.

There are also many other apps that use this command cohesively with others across multiple command blocks, and players are encouraged to experiment.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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