Latest Minecraft Dungeons Dev Diary Shares Details About Howling Peaks DLC, Apocalypse Plus Mode

Minecraft Dungeons is a smart co-op ARPG from Mojang Studios and Double Eleven that draws heavily from games like the Diablo franchise. It launched with tons of promise but little content, and now the game regularly comes with free updates and paid expansions. The next DLC for Minecraft Dungeons is the Howling Peaks DLC, which was revealed at Minecraft Live, and finally adds some much-requested endgame features. You can read more about the expansion in the latest Minecraft Dungeons Developer Diary.

Along with the expected Howling Peaks additions, matching what was added in Jungle Awakens and Creeping Winter, Minecraft Dungeons is also adding new Apocalypse Plus difficulties in a free update, which will massively increase the power level cap, gear drops and in-game challenges. This will add huge replayability to Minecraft Dungeons and give veteran players a reason to come back and grind to reach higher levels.

Howling Peaks will also add three new levels, new monsters, and a ton of new gear, including Climbing Gear and Emerald Armor. There should be plenty to explore in the upcoming Minecraft Dungeons DLC, and luckily we won’t be waiting long. Howling Peaks is due out later this year, in December, and should beat the new year to bring us new Minecraft Dungeons content.

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Minecraft Dungeons is the next saga in Minecraft history, and Mojang Studios has knocked another one out of the park. Awesome co-op battles paired with powerful loot, all at an incredibly affordable price? There’s not much more you could ask for in an epic dungeon-crawling ARPG.

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