List of biomes in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition in 2022

Biomes are wilderness areas contained in Minecraft that have their own distinct characteristics and even temperatures, and there’s plenty to explore.

As of Minecraft 1.18, all versions of the game have many biomes that can potentially generate in any given world. This includes Bedrock Edition, which is used on consoles, Windows 10 Edition, Education Edition, and Pocket Edition as the codebase.

There are 48 Overworld biomes, 5 Nether biomes and 1 End biome in Bedrock Edition. This should not be confused with Variants, which are offshoots of dedicated biomes that bring greater diversity to sprawling locations.

Minecraft: all current Bedrock Edition biomes and variants

A forest biome rests in the foreground with a mountain biome in the distance (Image via Mojang)
A forest biome rests in the foreground with a mountain biome in the distance (Image via Mojang)

Although they are numbered and function differently from those in the Java Edition, Bedrock biomes are still numerous enough that players are unlikely to encounter them all in a single world without extensive research.

Biomes also extend to other dimensions, including the Nether and the End, serving as the basis for how terrain generates in-game.

Below, players can find all biomes and variants currently available in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition:

Temperate biomes/variants

Cold/variant biomes

  • Windswept Hills, Windswept Gravel Hills, Windswept Forest
  • Taiga
  • stony shore

Larger biomes also mean they tend to be more remote on average. This also means that all biomes will be in a different location from the last snapshot. Here is a comparison, same seed.

Snow biomes/variants

  • snowy plains
  • ice spikes
  • snowy taiga
  • snowy beach
  • Grove
  • snowy slopes
  • jagged peaks
  • frozen peaks

Hot/variant biomes

  • desert
  • Savannah, savannah plateau, windswept savannah
  • Badlands, Wooded Badlands, Eroded Badlands

Aquatic biomes/variants

  • River, frozen river
  • Ocean, Warm Ocean, Warm Ocean, Deep Warm Ocean, Cold Ocean, Deep Ocean Deep Cold Ocean, Frozen Ocean, Deep Frozen Ocean

Cave biomes/variants

  • lush caves
  • Dripstone Caves

Nether biomes/variants

  • Nether Waste
  • Soul Sand Valley
  • crimson forest
  • warped forest
  • basalt delta

End of biomes/variants

  • The End, Small End Islands, End Barrens, End Midlands, End Highlands.

Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Update Part II is available now, allowing you to experience lush cave and drip cave biomes.

This list is subject to change, as Mojang occasionally changes and merges biomes for world generation purposes. This happened as recently as 1.18, removing “old” biomes such as Old Birch Forest, which were exclusive to the Bedrock and Education editions and were considered deprecated.

However, the existing biomes in the 2022 Bedrock Edition are more than enough to keep players busy and fully enjoy the game.

Edited by Rupak Kumar Jha

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