Massive ‘Minecraft Bedrock’ Patch Note Now Live, Adds New Experimental Feature: Full Details

Good news for block building game players! Mojang Studios released a “Minecraft Bedrock” update which fixes many bugs and added some experimental features.

In addition to this, the game developer has also released patch notes for “Minecraft Dungeons”.

Mojang Studios Releases Huge ‘Minecraft Bedrock’ Patch Notes

Mojang Studios announced a massive update for “Minecraft Bedrock” today February 8, explaining that said patch notes include a load of fixes that fix over 100 bugs.

The released “Minecraft Bedrock” patch notes have been categorized into five categories, such as Changes, Vanilla Parity, Technical Update, Bug Fixes, and Experimental Features.

For those still unfamiliar with the difference between the Bedrock and Java edition, Business Insider reported that the Bedrock version of the block building game allows players on most platforms to play the game. However, this particular version does not is not available for Mac or Linux.

In addition to that, it also has a cross-play feature that allows many builders to play with each other no matter what device they are using while Java allows players to play with only the same edition.

Since “Minecraft Bedrock” has many players, there are also a large number of subscribers waiting for their patch notes.

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‘Minecraft Bedrock’: Changes

Right on Realms, players can now change world settings just like local worlds.

In order to comply with South Korean gaming rules, Mojang Studios has incorporated game limits and alerts that help players remember to take gaps between games.

‘Minecraft Bedrock’: Parity Vanilla

For vanilla “Minecraft Bedrock” patch notes addressed added a globe banner pattern.

Other than that, after a raid is beaten, the raid boss meter now reads “Raid – Victory” and fireworks will be launched from the ground.

When trying to complete a deal they are out of stock for, players can now hear a “No” sound from villagers.

Additionally, when players get Bad Omen from Pillager Captains, builders will no longer get a particle effect.

Depending on their health, Iron Golems now break to varying degrees, adding that Iron Ingots can now be used to restore damaged Iron Golems.

The update also removed the emerald symbol above a villager’s head when trading.

After assaulting a villager, Iron Golems will now only target players with low village reputation.

Glow Lichen’s luminance is now comparable to Java Edition.

Cave biomes now have the same frequency as Java Edition when it comes to biome decoration items.

‘Minecraft Bedrock’: Fixes

Along with changes and vanilla parity, Mojang Studios also released numerous fixes for performance and stability, gameplay, world generation, mobs, blocks, items, accessibility, and UI.

For performance and stability, when leaving a world, an issue that prevented chunk entities from saving has been fixed.

Some seeds and worlds in Mesa biomes now load without crashing the game.

A crash that could occur when trading maps with cartographer villagers has been fixed.

For gameplay, players can no longer be harmed by enchantments on their armor, such as Thorns.

‘Minecraft Bedrock’: Technical Updates

At, players can get updated addon templates for 1.18.10 that include new assets, behaviors, and documentation.

In addition to that, “Minecraft Bedrock” also updated technical details for general controls, data-driven blocks, data-driven entities, data-driven items, mobs, animation, molang, etc.

‘Minecraft Bedrock’ Patch Note Contains Experimental Features

Along with the patch note, the developer of the block building game has also released lengthy experimental features for frog and tadpoles, frog and sculk.

Before getting these experimental features, Mojang Studios reminded everyone to make regular backup copies to avoid data loss.

The “Minecraft Dungeons” patch note is now available!

As mentioned earlier, “Minecraft Dungeons” are also available.

Not only did Mojang Studios release a huge patch note, they also introduced Festival of Frost content to celebrate their 15th million subscribers.

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