Minecraft 1.18 Features You May Have Missed

MinecraftThe ever-growing list of updates keeps disappointing, with last year’s version 1.18 Caves & Cliffs update turns out to be one of the most comprehensive in the history of the game, with so many features that some of them may seem secret. The biggest main feature of this update was in the name, the revision of the caves and cliffs of the Minecraft world as well as tweaking and improving most of the terrain to accommodate these two revisions. Although many of the new features in the update are quite apparent, some of them are well hidden or implemented in a way that makes them invisible at a glance. MinecraftCaves & Cliffs Part 2 update changed a lot and revamped the identity of Minecraft while updating it with features that expand on the game’s best mechanics, but some of the most beloved features are so minor compared to the larger additions that many gamers never notice them.


MinecraftThe Caves & Cliffs update was split into two parts, with the first update released in June last year and the second part released last November. These two separate releases focused on different elements of the update, with the first release focusing on things like mobs, objects, and blocks, while the second update delivered on terrain generation. upgraded and biome placement. While new and improved caves and mountains may be the most obvious things in Minecraftthe latest update, many of the most beneficial inclusions were harder to find and required more exploration and experimentation to discover, including Minecraftthe new Caves & Cliffs temperature system.

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Many of the latest features of Minecraft Version 1.18 comes with the updated caves and mountains, overhauling these biomes not only with the terrain but with the content they contain. Introduction to cave biomes Minecraft has made caving more fun and exploratory than ever, and the evolution of the mountain generation has provided beautiful new landscapes to build and discover. While these features are the defining features of the update, there are plenty of smaller inclusions buried there.

Minecraft’s new mountains come in six variations

Before Minecraft 1.18, mountains only had a few variants and were biome dependent, meaning that a varied generation of mountains could not exist in certain biomes, separating areas like hills and forests. But with MinecraftIn the Caves & Cliffs update, mountain biomes are now designed to spawn in most regions and can vary in size and height, which also affects what type of mountain it is. There are now six different variants of biomes that can accompany a mountain: grassland, grove, snowy slopes, jagged peaks, frozen peaks, and stony peaks. The grove is particularly useful because the player no longer needs to locate taigas to find spruce trees, but can now also rely on groves generated with most mountains. Similar to taigas, foxes can also spawn in groves.

The grassland variant of the mountain is also unique because rare mobs and items spawn there, such as trees with honeycombs, rabbits, donkeys, and certain types of flowers that are generally much rarer to find in the world. Variants of slopes and peaks are where goats spawn and where ice can be located, making these new Minecraft Helpful biome changes by providing another place to harvest ice other than glaciers and frozen rivers. These new additions to the mountain make Minecraft more diverse and abundant world while serving as stunning backdrops to look at while exploring.

New massive ore veins in Minecraft 1.18

As part of the revised new generation of caves in the Caves & Cliffs update, the underground has become deeper and more diverse, with new cave networks such as the Noise, Spaghetti, Noodle and of cheese, each named after its unique type of generation. Since the underground is also much deeper than before, ores are now generated at different levels than in previous updates, making mining more strategic and complex while also serving as a change massive brought with Minecraft 1.18. With aquifers reproducing underground and making it harder to mine giant water bodies, while the lower half of the world is filled with Deepslate, which is harder to mine than stone, Mojang has added a rare incentive. to mining which can very well pay off if the player mines long enough.

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As part of the Caves & Cliffs update, from time to time a huge vein of ores will appear clustered together and provide a huge amount of resources. This new Ore Vein feature makes mining much more rewarding if the player encounters one, and can make mining more fun and engaging afterwards. Minecraft 1.18 made caves safer to walk through. These veins also make mining more deliberate, as ores are now generated at different levels in the world, which will affect where ore veins will spawn. Along with the new lush and dripstone cave biomes, these new ore veins add another layer to the new subsoil of Minecraft and provide additional incentive to mine deeper into the world.

A New Secret Minecraft Music Disc

One of the rarest inclusions in the Minecraft The Caves & Cliffs update is the addition of a new music disc that can be found in the world. Most music discs can be found in dungeon chests, fortress chests, or as a drop when a skeleton kills a creeper, and this new disc, titled “Otherside”, is no different. While Minecraft music discs have never been readily available or easy to locate, as Minecraft‘s Axolotls and what they eat in lush caves, the addition of another disc makes it even harder to find among all the others. The following Minecraft update later this year will bring the total number of music discs to fifteen, each bringing its own unique style and melody, perfect for any mood.

Along with new mountain biomes that each have their own unique perks, ore veins that make mining more rewarding, and a new music disc to play on with a jukebox, there are plenty of other smaller features that went unnoticed in Minecraft 1.18. Four new advancements, two new language settings, five new music tracks that play in the background, and many minor texture changes to items all come with this update. Although these may seem like minor inclusions, they all help to make Minecraft a more adaptive and complete experience and show how MinecraftThe cave update will change the game forever.

MinecraftUpdates always push the game forward in a positive and more dynamic direction, constantly including new items to use, areas to explore, and creatures to discover. The Caves & Cliffs update went beyond what previous updates had accomplished and managed to evolve the identity of the game with an entirely new map direction and a unique set of biomes that don’t look like nothing else in Minecraft. While the next Minecraft update is never too far away, Caves & Cliffs will always serve as a turning point for the game and will continue to influence future updates for years to come.

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