Minecraft 1.20 update is coming in 2023 and the Fauna Faire is coming to Minecraft Dungeons next week

Minecraft 1.20 is coming next year, and at Minecraft Live 2022 today the Mojang team showed off a bit of the update.

During the show, the crowd of camels, hanging signs, chiseled shelves and handicrafts with bamboo were presented.

Minecraft Live 2022: Update Highlights

Players will be able to craft all sorts of things with bamboo knots, like planks, rafts, and more. The carved bookcase will allow you to store up to six books and they can even be used as doors.

There will be three different versions of hanging panels, and featuring camels, the cuties will hang out in the desert and sport a saddle that can hold up to two players. If you like camels enough, feel free to breed them as you please.

The Minecraft Gameplay Team also revealed seven new default skins for the game. Makena, Efe, Noor, Kai, Ari, Sunny, and Zuri will join Alex and Steve in the Minecraft Launcher and Dressing Room. The new default skins will be available in Minecraft on November 29.

And the latest news for the original Minecraft is about this year’s game crowd voting. So which creature was chosen? The sniffer, Tuff Golem or Rascal? The winner was Sniffer, as it should have been. The little creature looks a bit like a turtle, and was once part of the Overworld ecosystem. If you find its egg, you can hatch the new creature and even breed it. The creature will also find some seeds for you.

For Minecraft Dungeons players, information about the third season has been shared, and you can dive into it all on October 19.

A first-hand look at the new four-player mode for the tower has been shown, and it will feature three new floors and two new bosses. Season 3: Fauna Faire will also include a host of new styles, pets, skins, emotes, and free content, including the Phantom Familiar.

There’s also a new tier called Treetop Tangle that comes with three new pieces of gear, and a new merchant called the Enchantsmith will arrive with the update and move into your camp.

This month, you can also head to the Minecraft Marketplace and pick up the Hungriest Horror Armor set and the free Cloaked Armor set.