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Minecraft Addons are a great way to spice up your game, even in pre-existing worlds, by changing the way certain items/entities interact with each other. Addons are also a great gateway into the world of modding, so it’s a relatively safe place to experiment, and you can even create your own addons!

This page acts as a complete breakdown of what Minecraft addons are, How to install them and or create your ownplus some recommendations for great pre-existing addons, and more.


What are Minecraft Addons?

Minecraft addons are game-changing additions for the Bedrock Edition that change the look and behavior of certain things in your game. Slightly different from mods, which create new blocks, items, and creatures for your world outright, may be minor tweaks to tailor your gaming experience to your tastes.

Minecraft behavior packs

Behavior packs are files that explicitly modify, as the name suggests, the gameplay behavior of certain entities in the game. chicken follows a player holding seeds”, and how to “add behaviors to an in-game cow entity to make it aggressive”, just to give you a small indication of what’s possible.

Minecraft Resource Packs

Resource packs are files that can modify sounds, textures, models and many other entities in the game. For those who have been playing Minecraft for a long time, resource packs are basically what texture packs used to be , just with more control and flexibility over how many different in-game items you can modify.

How to Get Minecraft Addons


You can do two things to get addons for Minecraft: download them from the internet or you can create your own.

To download and install Addons, you can follow the instructions available on the Minecraft website. Once they’re installed, you can then apply them individually to your various worlds by heading to Global Resources in the Settings tab.

To create your own, see the section below.

You can also, instead of finding Addons via the Minecraft Market, use third-party apps like Minecraft Forge to automate and bring together your Addons collection. Although these are unofficial (and can therefore sometimes be riskier to install), you will have access to many more addons if you choose to use a third-party application.

Best Minecraft Addons

There are so many Addons that are great additions to your game, and it’s subjective based on what kind of experience you’re looking to have. Nonetheless, below are 5 addons that are a great entry point and perfectly encapsulate the wonders that addons can bring.

  1. dokucraft – A resource pack that transforms the landscape of Minecraft into that of medieval times. This is a great option for those who want to RP or potentially create LOTR/GoT inspired builds.
  2. Held Light Sources – A great immersive change to how certain light sources work, if you carry a torch or lantern in your hand while traveling it will dynamically light up the area around you.
  3. Hafen – Another resource pack that changes things up with a more dynamic and cartoony look; perfect for those who play on a server with their children!
  4. True Backpack – A backpack added to the game that allows you to have extra (and more importantly) mobile storage to ensure you never have to decide what to throw away as you continue to explore.
  5. Mob Totems – A pack available for purchase from the Minecraft Marketplace, this adds additional totems (similar to Totem of Undying), which can be dropped by various hostile mobs/entities and, upon collection, can give you the abilities of this mob. Want to spit fire like a Blaze? Charging people like a goat? This is the package for you.


How to Create Minecraft Addons

Creating your own addons for Minecraft is a complex matter and difficult to summarize on a page like this. Below is a general breakdown of the most basic steps, although you can find a full walkthrough on the Minecraft/Microsoft website. Here are the behavior packs and here are the resource packs.

Click on the following link for a breakdown of the general getting started with Addon development.

1. First, find your com.mojang folder on your computer by pressing Win + R open To run. From there, copy and paste the following:


2. You will notice in this com.mojang folder there are Behavior, Skin and Resource Pack folders. You will use the development_resource_packs and development_behavior_packs folders for the Resource Pack and Behavior Pack tutorials. The development_skin_packs folder is used to develop skin packs.

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