Minecraft Bedrock Beta Patch Notes

It has not been long since Minecraft Bedrock Edition received the 1.19.11 update. The developers are already busy tackling bugs and adding required features to the game. Today, Mojang released a new beta and preview version of Bedrock Edition.

Upcoming betas will mostly deal with bugs rather than introducing exciting new features. Bedrock Beta has tons of bug fixes and several parity fixes along with improvements to existing features. The highly anticipated Spectator mode, available only in Experimental mode, has also received bug fixes and tweaks.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the patch notes for the Minecraft Bedrock beta.

Patch Notes for Latest Minecraft Beta

Vanilla parity


  • Endermen no longer get angry at players in Creative mode
  • Changed fireball entity hitbox to match Java edition
  • The enchantment table now plays a sound when enchanting an item
  • Amethyst blocks no longer create sound when jumping on them

deep black

  • Increased Sculk Sensor and Sculk Shriker spawn rates in Deep Dark and Ancient Cities to better match Java Edition

melon block

  • Fixed Melon block bottom texture to match Java Edition top texture


  • Changed cat head position while sitting to match Java Edition

User interface

  • Item stack pop-up animation will now only play when a new item is added to the stack
  • If a villager has a Nametag, it is now displayed next to their trade level

Spectator Mode (Experimental)

  • Endermen no longer get angry at spectator mode players
  • Players in spectator mode can no longer trigger Sculk sensors while swimming
  • Players entering spectator mode will unhook all hooks attached to them
  • Explosions can no longer push players into spectator mode
  • Powder Snow no longer emits particles when spectators pass through it
  • Big Dripleaf no longer bows when hit by players in spectator mode
  • Players in spectator mode now retain their inventories and equipped items on death
  • Spectators can no longer draw the attention of the crowd when holding their favorite food
  • The /testfor command can now target spectators
  • Spectator game mode can no longer be entered via the /gamemode command, only via /gamemode spectator
  • Spectators using touch controls can no longer break boats and minecarts
  • Puffer Fish no longer reacts to nearby spectators

Features and bug fixes

@Mega_Spud Can someone show me the animation of the fixed piston?

Here are the main bug fixes in Minecraft Bedrock Beta

  • Piston animation when extending and retracting is now smooth
  • Mangrove, Crimson, and Warped Planks can now be used to repair shields
  • Fixed a bug causing leads to break with Allays after the owning player changed dimension
  • Added ‘disable-custom-skins’ server property to block untrusted skins at server level
  • Raid bar no longer gets stuck after breaking beds to cancel a raid

There are many other bug fixes in the new beta. Interested players can check out the detailed official patch notes on the Mojang website to learn more about experimental features, technical updates, and all bug fixes in the Minecraft beta.

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