Minecraft Bedrock Beta vs Java Edition Snapshots: What’s the difference?

Minecraft is a cross-platform game available on all popular devices like Windows, Linux, PlayStation, Xbox, Android, iOS, etc. To make the game available on so many different devices, the creators created two editions of the game: Bedrock and Java.

While the game may look the same on both editions, it is technically totally different. As the two editions are coded in different languages, some differences can always be expected. One edition may receive one feature before the other. Developers often add a feature to one edition before adding it to the other.

Before a major update, Mojang releases betas and snapshots for players to test new experimental features coming to Minecraft. This article covers the differences between Java Edition and Bedrock Edition.

Minecraft Bedrock Beta vs Java Edition Snapshots

Release time

There is no fixed release date for the Bedrock Beta and Java Snapshots. Both are released independently of each other. Yet the developers still try to launch them close to each other. Bedrock beta and java snapshots are usually released the same week.

Different features, changes and bug fixes

Bedrock vs. Java (Image via TheGamer)
Bedrock vs. Java (Image via TheGamer)

Minecraft Java Edition is created using Java language while Bedrock Edition is coded with C++ language. Because of this, the two games experience different bugs. Mojang prioritizes fixing bugs in every Minecraft update. Most bugs are fixed in betas and snapshots.

Since they are coded differently, Java Edition snapshots usually receive new features and changes before Bedrock beta releases. However, this is not always the case. For example, the Bedrock beta received a new mountain generation earlier than the Java snapshots, while the snapshots received a new cave generation before the beta. Eventually both get full functionality.

Download snapshots and betas

The steps to download snapshots and betas are quite different. Java Edition players can download snapshots from their Minecraft launchers. Just go to the installs tab and enable snapshots to download them. Getting the beta isn’t as easy as snapshots.

To download beta versions of Minecraft Bedrock, players will need to participate in the beta program. It is also available only for Android, Xbox and Windows devices. After joining the beta, players will be able to download the beta.

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