Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta

Mojang Studios, the developer of the sandbox game Minecraft, has a new beta for the Nether update. Beta updates are unstable and still ongoing. So there is a good chance that they contain bugs and will look different when released for the base game.

Previously, the developer introduced Dripstone Blocks. Now they’ve added a drip variation called Pointed Drips. These can only be found in cave biomes, and if you want to use them, you need to access creative mode.

The new device called Sculk Sensor is part of the update and can detect nearby vibrations. However, the sensor can only detect vibrations from certain actions. But expect the device to get more powerful once it goes live.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta

Bug fixes


  • Fixed Pork Chop achievement and trophy being unlocked by Raw Pork Chop.
  • Fixed a bug preventing foxes from falling and eating sweet berries.
  • Clicking “Download Model” when missing required models from an existing world now correctly downloads the required models.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to place default custom spawn eggs in Adventure Mode.


  • The ‘/setblock’ command now supports setting the connected state for the soul_lantern block.
  • The ‘/setblock’ command now supports setting the chain block rotation state.
  • ‘SetBlock’ and ‘SetBlockAtPos’ events now support custom block states.


  • Fixed some market worlds having incorrect block data when played on Realms and in multiplayer between mobile and PC.

World Generation

  • Mcstructure files saved with entities no longer crash the game when loaded into the world.

Technical changes

  • A boolean parameter called “ignore_game_mode” is added for the response to the “decrement_stack” block event, set to false by default. So “decrement_stack” no longer decreases the stack of items when playing in Creative by default.

Other known issues in this beta:

  • A crash may occur when suspending and resuming the game on Android.
  • The release notes screen may contain an invalid Marketplace link.

You can read more about the update here.