Minecraft: Bedrock Edition beta on Xbox and PC brings copper from ‘Caves and Cliffs Update’

Minecraft is rolling out the red carpet for its latest beta, which is heading to all beta testers on Xbox, Windows 10, and Android today. Minecraft Beta includes a handful of bugfixes and general improvements, and nothing particularly impressive on its own. However, this beta release adds more functionality to the “Experimental Features” toggle that can be enabled in Settings. That’s right, even more features from the upcoming Caves and Cliffs update can be found in this beta with the addition of copper and lightning rods.

Copper is the newest ore in Minecraft, and its ore can now be found in Minecraft with the “Experimental Features” toggle enabled. Copper can be used for various building blocks and objects and has a unique effect of oxidation over time (it changes color from its famous copper hue to green). Lightning rods can be made from copper and attract nearby lightning, making them perfect for protecting your fragile wooden and woolen constructions.

If you’re interested, you can read our guide on how to join the Minecraft: Bedrock Edition betas.

The caves and cliffs update is set to release in summer 2021, giving players a wait. Minecrafters can spend this time looking at new additions to their collections or gifting loved ones with some of the best Minecraft merchandise, toys, and gifts.

The full changelog for Minecraft Beta includes:

Experimental features


  • Added copper ore to world generation
  • Added copper ingots, which can be obtained by smelting copper ore in a furnace
  • Added copper blocks
  • Copper Blocks can be crafted from Copper Ingots
  • Copper, Cut Copper, Cut Copper Stairs, and Cut Copper Slabs exist in-game and can be accessed from the crafting inventory.
  • Cut Copper Blocks can be crafted from Copper Blocks
  • Copper blocks, slabs and stairs can now oxidize to varying degrees
  • Copper Blocks have dedicated sounds when interacting with
  • Copper blocks, stairs, and slabs that are not completely oxidized can be waxed either by using a honeycomb object on them, using the crafting grid, or by using a dispenser loaded with honeycombs
  • Drowned copper bars instead of gold bars

Lightning rod

  • Added lightning rods!
  • Lightning rods can be crafted using copper ingots at a crafting table
  • The lightning rod now interacts with lightning strikes:
    • All lightning strikes that occur within 64 blocks of a lightning rod will strike the lightning rod
    • Throwing a channeled trident at a lightning rod during a thunderstorm will spawn a lightning strike in the rod
    • A lightning rod struck by lightning will emit a full redstone signal for 8 game ticks

Bug fixes


  • Keyboard inputs can now adjust cursor settings when the cursor is outside the UI frame
  • Screen reader now notifies the player when the “Chat Settings” menu has been opened
  • Fixed a bug where the UI screen reader would not read permission toggle titles on the permissions screen
  • Screen reader now reads whisper and announcement messages

Performance & stability

  • Improved smoothness of UI transition animations
  • Improved performance for actors using TemptGoal


  • Fixed an issue that prevented player interaction after using the /clone order on a double chest block
  • By using the /clone the command to clone a block of the same type is no longer treated as a failed operation
  • Fixed players taking fall damage when opening Shulker Boxes
  • Nether Brick now gives XP after being melted
  • All mobs that use a melee attack have had their ability to hit targets above and below them restored
  • The target must always be within melee attack distance to be hit
  • This only affects global versions greater than or equal to 1.16.210
  • Redstone Dust is now displayed as “Redstone Dust” instead of “Redstone”

Graphical and user interface

  • Tool and armor recipes now show the background of the selected item when selected in the recipe list
  • The wire of a structure block in the Overworld will no longer render in Nether and The End
  • Audio cursors will now always highlight when hovered over with a mouse
  • Durability bar is now visible when holding items with reduced durability in a window
  • Added more useful video settings messages for ray tracing on supported and unsupported platforms

structure block

  • Structure blocks no longer automatically save data when the structure name text box is deselected
  • An entity’s dashboard data is no longer deleted if the entity is teleported to an unloaded area of ​​the world
  • Teleporting away from a structure animation to unload it no longer crashes the game

Commands, scripts and add-ons

  • A warning now appears when attempting to move a locked item into and from containers

A gaming masterpiece


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