Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 1.18.31 introduces spectator mode

Minecraft recently received a new update which added a new spectator mode and several bug fixes. This update is currently available for download on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Android. Other platforms will get the update in the future, so don’t worry if you haven’t received the patch.

Spectator mode

This update brings the new Spectator mode that can be activated in-game. Although experimental at the moment, players can use this mode to observe others and observe what they are doing. The developers are currently not accepting bug reports as the feature is still in early development stage. But expect some issues to occur and be patient as future patches will improve it.

If you encounter other bugs unrelated to spectator mode, you can report them here. Be sure to specify the game version and avoid posting the same bugs multiple times.

Do you want resolutions or explanations right away? You can search for bugs here. Hope this can give you some insight into your problems now.

Minecraft: bedrock Editing 1.18.31


  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay

  • Fixed an exploit with incorrect XP gain through ovens

  • Teleporting entities into dumped chunks no longer deletes them

  • Fixed screen going black when reloading RTX worlds

  • Fixed distant block textures appearing grainy, distorted and distorted when playing on Android devices

  • Fixed flowing water and lava textures not appearing correctly on iOS devices

  • Fixed various frame rate issues, particularly affecting less powerful mobile devices

  • Mobs can no longer spawn on buttons

  • Fixed an issue where repeatedly saving and reloading specific songs would cause delayed loading of songs, performance issues, and game instability

  • Fixed an issue that prevented opening worlds after updating to version 1.18.30

  • “Sound of Music” achievement now unlocks when conditions are met

  • Fixed issues with Marketplace not opening on Nintendo Switch

  • Fixed an infinite loading screen that could occur when shopping on Marketplace

You can read more about the update here.