Minecraft Bedrock Edition best village seeds 2022

Villages in Minecraft Bedrock Edition have many advantages:

  • Farms and hay blocks for food
  • Trade with villagers for access to resources
  • Beds
  • Special buildings that can provide iron tools or even diamonds

Villages also feature events not seen anywhere else in Minecraft, namely Zombie Sieges and Illager Raids. Both of these events grant the player emeralds that can be used in trade.

Given the strength of Minecraft villages and the unique gameplay they can facilitate, players will want to get to them quickly. There is no better way to access villages than to spawn near them using a set seed.

5 Best Minecraft Bedrock Edition Seeds for Villages in 2022

5) Woodland Mansion

A wooded mansion (Image via Mojang)
A wooded mansion (Image via Mojang)

Seed: -1834441039

This seed features only one village, but also contains one of the rarest structures in Minecraft, along with other perks that make getting started quick and easy. The rare structure in question is nothing but a wooded mansion, a tough gauntlet of enemies filled with great loot.

To help new players prepare for this slog, the seed includes two shipwrecks within walking distance of the spawn, as well as a ruined portal halfway through the mansion for access to the bottom. Overall, the starting villagers and resources should provide a unique experience to this Minecraft world.

4) Coral oasis and green underground

A lush new cave (Image via Mojang)
A lush new cave (Image via Mojang)

Seed: 599282705

This seed illustrates how beautiful the game can be at times. It spawns players near a desert oasis filled with coral reefs and features one of the newest and most beautiful generations of Minecraft – a lush, multi-story cave.

To give beginners a boost, the seed also includes a shipwreck and village nearby, as well as a large ruin for them to enjoy.

3) Fields of flowers

An example of a flower forest biome (Image via Mojang)
An example of a flower forest biome (Image via Mojang)

Seed: 1361294490

This seed spawns players in a village safely nestled in a flower field biome.

A few hundred blocks from the spawn point are two more villages. One of them is a large village, adding a nice variety.

2) Quadvillage

An example of a coastal village (Image via Mojang)
An example of a coastal village (Image via Mojang)

Seed: 944710140

This seed spawns players in a short jog of not one or two villages but four huge ones:

  • A mountain village
  • A village of snow
  • Two coastal villages

The seed also includes a nearby looter outpost for those looking to attempt a raid early on. One of the rarest biomes in Minecraft can also be found a few hundred blocks from the spawn point – an ice spike biome.

1) The witch’s hut

An example of a witch's hut (Image via Mojang)
An example of a witch’s hut (Image via Mojang)

Seed: 969046304

This seed features a plethora of rare traits, all within a few hundred blocks of world spawn. There are only two villages, a savannah and a desert, but this combination of biome villages should give new players what they need to get started in the world.

The world also includes a Witch Hut, which enterprising players could use to create a Witch Farm, as well as a Jungle Temple and a Desert Temple. These structures also offer rare resources to boost a new player’s spawn.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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