Minecraft: Bedrock Edition beta fixes crashing and performance issues

Minecraft, one of the best kids games on Xbox, has a long-running beta available through Windows 10, Xbox and Android, and usually receives weekly updates to test future releases with bug fixes, new features, etc. Recent betas have focused on optimization and improvements for the Nether Update, before we start to see new features and testing for the much-hyped Caves and Cliffs update coming in Summer 2021. Today’s beta version, is no different, including a handful of bugfixes focused on crashes and performance issues rather than new features.

The beta version is available now for testing if you are registered. If you’re looking to show off your Minecraft love or expand your collection, consider some of the best official Minecraft merchandise.

Beta changelog includes:

Bug fixes

Performance & stability

  • Improved terrain construction speed when flying with Elytra
  • Fixed a bug that crashed the game when using the crafting table in creative mode
  • Fixed an issue with an uncontrollable block queue occurring on a looping data-driven block that turns into a different permutation. The bug could cause memory issues, increased load and time consuming, as well as crashing the game periodically

Technical changes

  • Reduce content warning spam with data-driven block geometry
  • A fix for Dedicated Server that copies experimental failover state in LevelSettings during server instance initialization to ensure it uses the values ​​specified in the load world
  • Fixed data based blocks to reduce UV similarly to actors to prevent UV bleeding

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