Minecraft: Bedrock Edition beta removes glowing squids from ‘Caves and Cliffs update’, fixes crashing issues

Source: Mojang Studios | Twitter

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition launches a new beta today with, which includes the usual series of bug fixes and changes to improve the overall state of Minecraft. However, another change in this week’s beta reminds us all that, yes, this is a beta and will have its fair share of bugs. Mojang Studios removed the recently added glowing squid from the “Experimental Features” toggle due to excessive crashes reported by players.

Last week’s Minecraft beta added the glowing squid, the mob that emerged victorious from the Minecraft Live crowd vote, which will be included in the upcoming Caves and Cliffs update. Like other Caves and Cliffs Update features tested in recent betas, players could only access Glowing Squids by enabling the “Experimental Features” toggle in Settings. However, the glowing squid (and its related items) was causing crashes and issues even for players who did not have the “Experimental Features” toggle enabled.

Mojang Studios has removed the glowing squid for now, but it will return in a future beta. In the meantime, all glowing squid items have been removed from player games. On a smaller note, support for Minecraft on older Android devices running Android KitKat (4.4) or earlier is ending with this beta.

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The complete changelog for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta includes:

Experimental features

  • As with any experience, things don’t always go as planned! While beta testing the Luminous Squid and its associated features, we unfortunately discovered an issue that is causing the game to crash much more frequently than we would like, so we will be pausing the Luminous Squid while we get these issues addressed. In this week’s beta, the glowing squid and related items such as the glowing frame and tintable panels were removed, but we’ll have them back soon!
  • What does this mean for my worlds where I have already used these features?
    • Chests containing items belonging to Glow Squid – new items disappear from the chest, normal items do not disappear
    • Dyed signs – text color disappears and text turns black again
    • Panels with glow effect applied as well as color – text on panels stops glowing and color is removed
    • Glow Squid – no longer present in game
    • Glowing Element Frames – turn into placeholder blocks and a content error referencing minecraft:glow_frame is posted

Bug fixes

Performance & stability

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading a structure block containing a Sculk Sensor
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when interacting with a panel


  • Increased the delay for selecting a resource pack download when logging in from 5 seconds to 5 minutes

New user interface

  • New achievement screens are now enabled by default (except in VR, on PS4, or on touch devices with narration enabled)


  • The in-game invite screen will now refresh when you return to it from the add members screen.

character creator

  • Fixed a bug where changes made to the character creator are lost when the app is out of context
  • Fixed a bug where tabbing after switching to the “Character Creator” tab from the “Classic Skins” tab would result in Classic Skin being equipped instead of Character Creator character
  • A new character is now created if no valid character exists when opening the Dressing Room

Technical fixes and changes

GameTest Framework

  • Added GameTest framework. REMARK: GameTest is not functional on console platforms
    • GameTest is a server-side test automation tool based on matching test code with test frameworks. You can trigger the tests via the/gametestcommand once you have activated the Enable GameTest Framework experience rocking for a world

Android devices

  • Our ability to support Android devices on KitKat OS or lower is coming to an end

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