Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta drops with tons of changes for ‘Cave and Cliffs Update’

Source: Mojang Studios | Twitter

It’s time for Minecraft to release another beta for insider players. Today Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is releasing the beta, which continues to test new features coming in the massive Caves and Cliffs update. Today’s beta will not include any new features, but has many changes and improvements to existing experimental features, such as the axolotl added in the latest Minecraft: Bedrock Edition beta.

That means tweaks to the axolotl, creative menu, powder snow, glowing squid, cave biomes, and more, as well as the usual suite of bug fixes for classic Minecraft. Players enrolled in the Minecraft: Bedrock Edition beta program can download and play beta now.

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The full changelog for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta includes:

Experimental features


  • Tracks now properly attach to the Axolotl

Inventory of creations

  • There are no longer unknown items in the creative inventory
  • Deepslate cobblestone is now next to cobblestone in creative inventory. Polished Deepslate is next to Deepslate


  • Deepslate bricks now have the correct dwell time


  • Water and lava now flow more often from the pointed drip
  • Fixed pointed drip texture mapping

luminous lichen

  • Glow Lichen can now spawn on the walls of underground water lakes
  • The game no longer crashes when placing glowing lichen on all sides of the same block

shiny squid

  • Threads now properly attach to glowing squid (and squid)

lush caves

  • Suspended roots now drop correctly when mined by an enchanted silk-touch tool
  • Moss can now also spread vertically when fertilized
  • Dripleaves now break completely when the leaf part is broken
  • Breaking a dripleaf stem now drops a dripleaf item, matching the Java edition
  • Fertilizing a moss block can now also grow vegetation on existing moss blocks
  • Small Dripleaves can now be composted like Big Dripleaves
  • Bone Meal Moss Blocks no longer spawn ferns
  • Azalea and Flowering Azalea can now be grown into an Azalea tree when fertilized (without ID)


  • Leather horse armor keeps horses from freezing in powder snow
  • Heat-loving mobs (Blazes, Magma Cubes, and Striders) take increased freeze damage
  • Polar bears, strays, and snow golems no longer take frost damage
  • Time to fully freeze is now 7 seconds instead of 15
  • Frozen entities now take damage every 2 seconds instead of every 3 seconds
  • The speed at which entities can move vertically inside powder snow has increased
  • Powder snow takes a bit longer to extract
  • Entities wearing leather boots falling from a height of >2.5 blocks sink into powder snow instead of landing on it
  • Entities on fire that walk through powder snow now melt the powder snow block in addition to extinguishing the fire
  • Entities that are completely frozen are now shaking
  • Fog effect applied while standing very close to a powder block


  • Walkers shake correctly when exiting lava


  • Drip functionality and drip cluster functionality now rarely generate in caves below y59
  • Rooted Earth, Small Dripleaf, Moss Block, and Sharp Dripstone can now be obtained from the Wandering Merchant
  • Glowing berries can be found in abandoned mineshaft minecart chests
  • Foam block can be found in shipwreck chests
  • Masons now trade Dripstone Blocks
  • Drip Block can be made from Pointed Drip
  • Axolotl and Glow Squid now spawn in water in non-ocean biomes under y=30

Bug fixes


  • Fixed a bug where if the sight sway setting was disabled, the player’s hand would still move
  • Zombie villagers shake properly while being healed
  • Fixed player spawning in dangerous locations when first entering a random world

Structure blocks

  • Structure placement block now has placement animation options similar to /structure order


  • Fixed exit message for/stopsoundbe incorrect


  • Charged creeper aura renders correctly in most cases now
  • Fixed paints no longer render
  • Raytracing specific textures will be allocated/deallocated when activating/deactivating raytracing


  • Switching between certain items (bow, trident, crossbow, shield) in your main hand will no longer skip the animation

Underwater gaming experience

  • Underwater visibility has been improved
  • Underwater color has been better tuned to match Java Edition with a richer blue tint

User interface

  • A message will now display when trying to place blocks below the minimum build height

Technical updates

Updated interfaces

  • assertContainerContainsItemIdentifier parameter changed to ItemStack
  • assertItemEntityNotPresent and assertItemEntityPresent API- ItemStack parameter changed to ItemType

New interfaces

  • assertEntityNotTouching(entityIdentifier: string, position : Location) – Asserts that there is no entity of the given type at the given position
  • assertEntityTouching(entityIdentifier: string, position : Location) – Asserts that there is an entity of the given type at the given position
  • assertItemEntityCountIs(itemType : ItemType, position : BlockLocation, searchDistance : number, count : number) – Asserts that the number of entity items in the given search box matches the expected number
  • pulseRedstone(position : BlockLocation, duration : number) – Creates a Redstone block at the given position and destroys it after “duration” ticks

Known issues

  • Parts of villages generate underground
  • Axolotl does not reproduce naturally
  • Glow Squid does not spawn naturally

A gaming masterpiece

Minecraft Bedrock Edition


Available wherever you play.

Minecraft is an indisputable and complete success. It has sold hundreds of millions of copies, has a huge following of dedicated players, and lets you unleash all your creative desires. It’s also available on every platform imaginable, including Xbox One, Windows 10, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Play with anyone and play anywhere.

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