Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta includes a handful of fixes for the ‘Caves and Cliffs’ update

What do you want to know

  • Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is preparing the second part of the 1.18 “Caves and Cliffs Update”, which will be released later this year.
  • This week’s beta for the modern version of Minecraft continues that work with a handful of minor tweaks and tweaks.
  • The biggest fixes in this beta are flat jobs loaded with experimental features from the second part of the 1.18 caves and cliffs update.
  • Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta is now available for download on Xbox, Windows 10 and Android devices.

Separated by a day from its brother Minecraft: Java Edition, Mojang Studios is now releasing Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta to testers on compatible platforms with a new patch batch. There are fixes for experimental flat worlds, mobs, items, and more in the latest Minecraft beta.

This beta version is certainly more modest than its predecessor and does not include any significant new changes. Still, this continues Mojang’s work to bring the second half of the Caves and Cliffs update to Minecraft. Still, any progress is important, especially since the second part of the 1.18 Caves and Cliffs update is still slated for release later this year.

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The complete changelog for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta includes:

Experimental Features

  • Fixed staggered sub-chunks on Caves & Cliffs flat worlds
  • Flat worlds with the experimental Caves & Cliffs toggle enabled will properly upgrade to use the new dimension heights

Features and bug fixes


  • Fixed an issue where light blocks would force players to spawn on the surface of the Overworld
  • Tropical fish no longer lose their colors when catching them with a bucket of water and then releasing them
  • Trapdoors reappear in the recipe book
  • Water lilies can again be placed on water deeper than a block


  • Mobs no longer continuously jump on non-solid blocks such as snow layers