Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta Tests ‘The Wild Update’ Ally Crowd

What do you want to know

  • The Minecraft: Bedrock Edition beta and Minecraft Preview guarantee a new “Caves and Cliffs Update” on Wednesday.
  • Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta includes many new features, including experimental features from “The Wild Update”.
  • The Minecraft Live 2021 crowd vote winner allay debuts in this update and will be collecting items for players.
  • The Deep Dark also continues to evolve with new sculk features and deeper darkness, but The Warden isn’t there yet.

It’s been a few weeks since the last Minecraft: Bedrock Edition beta, and Mojang Studios is breaking the silence today with a major release of both the legacy Minecraft: Bedrock Edition beta program and the new Minecraft preview. Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta is packed full of new features and changes, including the debut of the elusive mob.

The allay won the Minecraft Live 2021 crowd vote and is making its official Minecraft debut with this beta. The adorable allay will search for items that match what he is holding in his hands and bring these collected items to nearby players or notepads. The allay is one of the new monsters included in The Wild Update, and players can finally see what it is.

Other title features include more development for the Deep Dark, which is also part of The Wild Update, with new sculk features and the dark effect. The Guardian isn’t in this build, but Mojang Studios has mentioned that the terrifying hostile mob is gearing up to come to the Bedrock Edition in the near future. Minecraft players on mobile devices can also expect newly updated touch controls, which should hopefully make the touchscreen experience more intuitive and comfortable.

Minecraft may be slower to get updates than other live service games, but it’s still one of the best Xbox games thanks to the quality of these builds and the process by which Mojang Studios tests them. If you want to play with the allay or the new touch controls, you can now access the latest beta wherever the Minecraft: Bedrock Edition beta or Minecraft Preview is available, including Xbox, Windows, Android, and iOS.

The complete changelog for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta understand :

Wild Update features


  • Allay can collect the same world items he holds in his hand
  • If an Allay is holding an item they got from a player, they will follow that player
  • The Allay is able to drop items into nearby notepads
  • When you play a notepad near an Allay, that notepad becomes Allay’s favorite notepad for 30 seconds, and the Allay will attempt to drop items to the notepad instead of the player.
  • If an Allay has items in its inventory, it will attempt to give them to its owner
  • The Allay sometimes spawns in cages next to looter outposts (similar to Iron Golem) and inside woodland mansions
  • Known issues:
    • The Allay can get stuck in a loop collecting and delivering an item from its inventory, especially when using similar block types (such as regular and red sand)

Deep dark sculpt

  • The keeper hasn’t entered the game yet, but he’s getting ready for his big debut!
  • Changed the Sculk Catalyst block to match the recent redesign
    • A mysteriously soul-emitting block that blooms when mobs die within 8 blocks
    • Mobs that perish in the presence of the Catalyst will not lose experience
    • Instead, a bubbling charge will be created where the mob perished
    • This mob charge will propagate through Sculk Veins and Sculk Blocks in random directions until they find a valid Substrate that they can convert to Sculk
    • The value of the charge is directly proportional to the amount of XP the mob perish would have lost, and each time a block is converted to Sculk it will remove 1 value of that charge.
    • This charge in Sculk Blocks and Sculk Veins will eventually decay, but it will decay much, much slower near the Sculk Catalyst, and much faster away from its host.
    • If the Charge decays four blocks from the Catalyst, it has a chance to grow a Sculk Sensor or Sculk Shrieker
    • Charges and their values ​​also merge when they move to the same position
  • Made some changes to Sculk Sensors to be on parity with Java Edition
    • They no longer play an activation sound when waterlogged
    • Vibrations are now also cloaked by wool blocks

Deep Dark Effect

  • A new mob effect unique to Warden and Sculk Shrieker, which will afflict players with the effect when nearby
  • Lowers the gamma to an equivalent of “Moody” while having this effect
  • In periodic pulses, will reduce the overall brightness of the world so that darkness creeps against light sources
  • When the guardian is here, torches will be more important than ever!

Features and bug fixes

Updated touch controls

  • Preview new touch control schemes for players on mobile devices
  • These can be enabled by navigating to Settings, Touch, Enable New Touch Control Schemes


  • Changed the spawn logic of iron golems and cats to allow them to spawn more easily in covered areas, such as underground villages
  • Scaffolding can no longer be placed without support on y=0
  • Fire that exists before the Fire Tick game rule was activated will continue to spread again

Vanilla parity

  • Shulkers now have a chance to spawn another Shulker when hit by a Shulker projectile
  • When a mob picks up an item, the item can be seen slightly “pulled” towards the mob just as they pick it up. This matches the behavior of Java Edition
  • Blaze Fireball will inflict knockback on impact
  • Acacia trees now grow leaves on every branch below Y=0
  • Mobs can no longer spawn on campfires


  • Glow Lichen no longer generates airborne inside fortresses
  • Glow Lichen now correctly checks if the face of the block they are attached to is solid
  • Glow Lichen can now be attached to leaves
  • Blocks such as Glow Lichen, Torches, and Redstone can no longer be placed or attached to Brew Stands
  • Blocks such as Glow Lichen, Torches, and Redstone can now be placed or attached to trapdoors, depending on their state
  • Azaleas and water lilies are now broken by flowing water


  • Fixed an issue that caused commands to affect players in all dimensions


  • Fixed a lighting bug where light level 1 would incorrectly drop to 0 when placing blocks at light level 1 with multiple light sources
  • Sculk sensors and magma blocks are now visible in the dark


  • Observers placed in front of double chests no longer send a redstone pulse when reloading/reentering a chunk

User interface

  • Fixed a bug where the “Invite” button was incorrectly disabled for customers
  • Added seed models to the advanced tab of the new Create New World screen


  • Villagers can no longer trade while on fire

Technical updates


The trade screen will no longer open if the owner of the


the component is on fire


  • Changed block tick rates (Cactus, ChorusFlower, Crop, Grass, PointedDripstone, Sapling) to match Java edition
  • Random tick positions will no longer be chosen under the world


  • Clarified documentation for query.is_item_name_any that the slot index is required when there is more than one slot, such as the shortcut bar

GameTest framework

  • EntityType
    • Added read-only property id: string — The entity type identifier
  • EntityTypes
    • Added function get(identifier: string): EntityType — Returns the corresponding value EntityType for the given id
    • Added function getAll(): EntityTypeIterator — Returns an iterator containing all registered entity types
  • MinecraftEntityTypes
    • provides EntityType constants for each standard Minecraft entity type

General Experimental

  • Deleted BlockImmovable, BlockBreakOnPush and BlockOnlyPistonPush components from data-driven blocks