Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta Brings Goat Horns and New Sounds

What do you want to know

  • Mojang Studios is calling on the Minecraft community to test upcoming features and game changes.
  • On Wednesday, Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta and Minecraft Preview were released for interested testers.
  • The new version includes features such as goat horn and copper goat horn, which allow players to produce various goat noises.
  • There are also a handful of other changes and improvements, including additional vanilla parity updates.

Exactly a week detached from the latest Minecraft: Bedrock Edition beta, Mojang Studios is releasing a new build for the Minecraft community to dissect and test. Porting version number for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition beta and version number for Minecraft Preview, the identical updates include new features and many changes.

The beta follows the last release which added the ally mob from The Wild Update. On Wednesday, the new version brings additional upcoming features like the goat horn, which produces a sound mimicking the goat it comes from, and the copper goat horn, which can produce three different sounds depending on the position of the players. Expected changes and quality of life improvements are also included in this release.

Minecraft maintains its place on the list of top Xbox games through tireless iteration and improvement, and these betas are all part of the process. While those betas are still technically contained in the current Caves and Cliffs update, Mojang Studios is hard at work on The Wild Update, which will arrive later in 2022 with new monsters, biomes, features, and more.

Despite different version numbers, this build is identical in the Minecraft: Bedrock Edition beta and Minecraft Preview. If you want to try out Minecraft Preview, it’s now available to test on Xbox consoles, Windows PCs, and iOS devices.

The complete changelog for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta / Minecraft Preview understand :

Known issues

  • Older worlds that have not yet been opened in 1.18+ may experience issues with unexplored chunks below y=0 not generating correctly
    • We suggest that you make backup copies of your worlds and avoid opening pre-1.18 worlds in this beta/preview.

Experimental features

goat horn

  • Added additional goat horn sounds, which are randomized per goat
  • Added special sounds for Screaming Goat
  • Is always dropped when a goat with at least one horn rams these blocks: Stone, Packed Ice, Iron Ore, Copper Ore, Emerald Ore, or any type of Overworld Wood Log
  • Can be crafted into copper horn using 3 copper ingots in a “V” shape with a goat horn in the middle
  • Goats have a small chance to breed with only one horn (baby goats will always end up with two horns)

copper horn

  • Added the Copper Horn item, which is crafted using three “V-shaped” copper ingots with a goat horn in the middle
  • Can play three different sounds, looking up, crouching and everything in between
  • Added special sounds for copper horns crafted from goat horns found in Screaming Goats

Raider Outpost

  • Added goat horn and copper horns as loot

Features and bug fixes


  • Fixed an issue where the hunger bar would not deplete on some market worlds
  • Fixed Bad Omen effect not being applied after defeating a Pillager Captain
  • Crowd wound and death sounds no longer overlap
  • Knockback resistance now dampens the vertical lift received from the iron golem attack
  • Backup structure blocks now correctly detect corner structure blocks at negative Y levels

Vanilla parity

  • Nether Brick, Iron/Gold Nuggets, Red/Brown Mushroom Blocks, and Chorus Plant/Flower Blocks can no longer be used as fuel in Furnaces.
  • Camera now shakes the same as in Java Edition when the player takes damage


  • Fixed an issue where some large monsters in Market maps could get stuck

User interface

  • When using the new touch controls on mobile devices, the size of the controller can now be adjusted with the Button Size slider in the settings screen
  • Fixed an issue in the handheld UI where items could be unintentionally dropped into blocks with custom UIs, and resized these screens to allow items to be dropped on the sides instead
  • Improved contrast on several UI elements
  • Enabled the Behavior Packs tab in the new Create New World screen

Technical updates


  • Fixed a problem in the Knockback objective where the incorrect owner had passed into the filter assess the function


  • Limit the number of items in the crafting_tagsfield of the CraftingTableComponent at 64

Stability & performance

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading entities into a chunk containing entities older than 1.18.30

GameTest framework

  • Event added leverActivate – triggers when a lever is swung
  • Added optional argument showParticles: bool = true To work addEffect