Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta Features New Music For ‘The Wild Update’

Source: Mojang Studios | Twitter

Music has always been an iconic part of Minecraft, with its soundtrack instantly recognizable to millions around the world. Every major Minecraft update tends to add new music to the growing selection, and The Wild Update, arriving later this year, is no exception. On Wednesday, Mojang Studios began testing the new music.

Minecraft players can now search for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta or for Minecraft Preview which includes a decent number of fixes and changes.

The headlining addition to this release, however, is the arrival of brand new music for The Wild Update. The Wild update is coming later this year for one of the best Xbox games with a massive amount of new content, including new biomes, mobs, and gameplay mechanics. Now players can hear music for the first time that will accompany these changes.

In case you missed it, Mojang Studios recently released Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 1.18.30 for all players with dozens of fixes and improvements.

The complete changelog for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta / Minecraft Preview understand :

Features and bug fixes


  • Added new music for The Wild Update
  • Frogs now use all hurt sounds
  • Froglights now have the correct break sound

ancient cities

  • Soul Lanterns no longer generate on air blocks in Ancient Towns
  • The downtown structure now forms a full rectangle of reinforced Deepslate
  • Added Echo Shards to Ancient City loot chests
  • Updated Ancient City structures to match Java


  • Warden now has a Sonic Boom attack that deals ranged damage and knocks back the target it hits
  • Guardian no longer “sniffs” when it has a target
  • Prevents the Guardian from digging if they sniff a target
  • Guardian can now be pushed by other mobs
  • Guardian now gets angry at all mobs that run into it
  • Fixed a crash when switching between game modes when attacking the Guardian
  • Guardian now gives the correct amount of XP


  • Allay’s interaction tooltip now says “Give the item to Allay”


  • Wither can no longer destroy Reinforced Deepslate
  • Ender Dragon can no longer destroy Reinforced Deepslate
  • Reinforced Deepslate moved to Nature tab in Creative Inventory

mud brick block

  • Stairs/slabs/mud brick walls are now grouped correctly


  • Fixed a game crash when using Material Reducer (Education Edition feature)
  • Fixed light blocks being able to be destroyed from inside underwater
  • Fixed an issue with experience gained when picking up an item from the wrong location while using the Furnace
  • Enable mangrove roots and propagules to be compostable
  • Allow most plants and saplings to be able to be placed on muddy mud and mangrove roots. This includes all flowers, saplings, bamboo, candy canes, large dripleafs, and sweet berry bushes.
  • Allow mangrove roots to generate through snow layers
  • Tadpoles can now be tempted with Slimeballs

Touch control settings

  • Static Joystick toggle is no longer disabled when disabling the Move Joystick.


  • Updated Boat and Chest Boat object icon textures to make them compatible with Java Edition


  • Villagers are now allowed to migrate to other villages and advance raids

Technical updates


  • Fixed an issue that prevented weights from being used for music

GameTest framework (experimental)

  • Updated GameTest Framework interface to add support for read-only scoreboard
  • World
  • scoreboard : Scoreboard — Access the global dashboard
  • Entity
    • scoreboard : ScoreboardIdentity — Access entity dashboard identity
  • Scoreboard — Object representing dashboard data
    • getObjective(objectiveId : String) : ScoreboardObjective — Method for achieving a specific objective (for id)
    • getObjectives : ScoreboardObjective[] — Method to achieve all objectives
    • getParticipants : ScoreboardIdentity[] — Method to get all dashboard identities
  • ScoreboardObjective — Object representing a dashboard goal
    • id : String — dashboard id (read only)
    • displayName : String — (read-only) dashboard display name
    • getParticipants : ScoreboardIdentity[] — Method to obtain all the objective identities of the participants
    • getScores : ScoreboardScoreInfo[] — Method to get score information from all participants
    • getScore(participant : ScoreboardIdentity) : Int — Method for obtaining the score value of a participant
  • ScoreboardIdentity — Object representing a dashboard participant
    • type : ScoreboardIdentityType — enumeration (read-only) representing the identity type
    • id : Int — (read only) Unique identifier for the identity
    • displayName : String — display name (read only) for identity
    • getEntity : ScriptActor — get the ScriptActor handle associated with the identity
  • ScoreboardIdentityType — Enumeration representing identity types
    • Entity – An entity
    • FakePlayer — A false identity
    • Player – A player
  • ScoreboardScoreInfo — Score-Identity couple for an objective
    • participant : ScoreboardIdentity — (read only) The participant
    • score : Int — (read only) The score

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Minecraft is an indisputable and complete success. It has sold hundreds of millions of copies, has a huge following of dedicated players, and lets you unleash all your creative desires. The Wild update is coming later this year for free, and it will feature some sweet new music that’s currently being tested.

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