Minecraft Bedrock Edition gets a new beta update

Minecraft players are waiting for two massive updates… Caves and Cliffs Update Part Two (likely coming soon) and The Wild Update (coming out in 2022). To tide us over until their release, Microsoft-owned Mojang is rolling out Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta

Currently available for beta testers, this is an update for the Bedrock Edition and is coming to Windows, Xbox, and Android.

Unfortunately, while Mojang is looking to provide future updates, the latest version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition does not add any new features. Instead, version focuses on bug fixes, improvements, and improving the overall experience.



So this update isn’t exciting, but it’s okay. Below is the full changelog:

Features and bug fixes


  • Players can again continuously place water, lava, and powder by holding down the “Place” button.
  • Light blocks no longer support blocks that need support, e.g. beds and paintings

mine shafts

  • Mineshaft pillars should no longer generate lava
  • Mine shafts will no longer spawn dirt floors
  • Mine shafts now use Log Blocks to create support pillars


  • Fixed an issue that caused some worlds to grow in size, causing high RAM usage
  • Fixed shallow water becoming brighter when aimed while holding a Small Drip Leaf
  • Large flowers will now drop a single item when broken by water placed in the top half of the flower
  • Fixed an issue where terrain could be seen through
  • Educational features: NPCs no longer have idle sounds
  • Chorus Fruit now works correctly at negative Y coordinates


  • Adjusted movement smoothness for Primed TNT, Lingering Potions, Splash Potions, and Bottle o’ Enchanting when away from players
  • Several Education Edition items no longer display the craftingScreen.tab.none tooltip
  • All ground vegetation can now be placed on Mycelium


  • Increased chance of Axolotl spawning naturally in Lush Caves
  • Fish now try to avoid Axolotls
  • Magma cubes are now correctly aggressive towards iron golems and slimes are no longer aggressive towards snow golems
  • Ghosts should now be able to break free after getting stuck trying to find a way in the mountains”

World Generation

  • “Ore generation has now been changed to be on par with Java Edition
  • Gravel can now correctly replace Deepslate when generating the world
  • Gold ore in Badlands biomes no longer generates excessive amounts
  • Lava springs no longer spawn in frozen ocean biomes
  • The Deepslate Copper Ore variant now generates correctly in the world
  • Updated naming of new Caves & Cliffs mountain biomes to better match Bedrock and Java Edition »

User interface

  • “Fixes rendering of icons in text, making colors undistorted”

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