Minecraft: Bedrock Edition released, trailer shows off Switch, Xbox One cross-play

Nintendo and Microsoft have released a new video for today’s release of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, which supports cross-play between Switch and Xbox One.

While the trailer could to be considered a bit of a dig at Sony given the timing, you know the whole Fortnite Switch/PS4 thing, it’s really just an advertisement.

The general public who doesn’t read gaming sites may not know that Minecraft allows Windows 10 PC, mobile, Switch, and Xbox One users to play together.

Microsoft first released the Better Together update in 2017, bringing together Xbox One, Windows 10 and mobile players.

It was to be the first Switch title to feature cross-play support between the aforementioned platforms. Then Fortnite arrived last week.

The Bedrock Edition contains all previously released content, including the Nintendo console-exclusive Super Mario Mash-Up Pack and all DLC.

The Switch version supports Xbox Live and Gamerscore achievements, as well as access to the Minecraft Marketplace. Players also have access to mini-games and game modes through online community-run servers.

Like the Better Together update for Xbox One, those who already own Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition will be able to digitally upgrade to the Bedrock version for free.