Minecraft Bedrock received beta capes will no longer be issued

Observers do not need to burn in boilers.

Observers won’t have to burn in boilers.

Mojang Studio is trying to polish the 1.19.30 standard in Minecraft Bedrock. This game works on PCs and consoles with Windows 10/11 operating system.

The developers released a beta version, which contains several other fixes, including critical ones. Mojang continues to find and fix weird bugs in spectator mode.

The studio has also improved the game on consoles, and fixed some touch-related bugs and for the second time tried to fix a bug that left the interface in red. The last time the patch was reissued, let’s see what’s happening now.

Changes from Beta for Minecraft Bedrock have not changed since.

  • Characters in spectator mode will no longer have visible capitals.
  • Scientists caught in a lava cauldron do not continue to play their burning animation.
  • With a banner, they look better.
  • Player UI and texture no longer turn pink when played for a long time on a heavily populated server.
  • When entering, characters with elytra cannot see through a snow rock at the top.
  • Fixed an issue with rotating player names on the background.
  • Fixed crash after playing on Xbox.
  • In the new touch controls, the sprint button can be activated if the character is stationary.
  • The game proceeds once the player releases the touch stick.
  • The length of an Enderman teleport range is a total of 32 blocks. He can’t disappear only if he wants to teleport.
  • Drowned has the ability to spawn in warm oceans, just like in Java.
  • Added a notification when you are unable to connect to the server and need to restart the game client.
  • Fixed issues with unencrypted messages.
  • Currently, deleting a cloud-synced world locally also deletes it from the cloud.
  • As a result, the NPC is only displayed when a player is looking at it.
  • Fixed low frame rate sound noise on PlayStation 4.
  • Fixed color drop with colorless shiulkers.
  • Fixed rotation when using run and execute commands.
  • Using execute at @e run kill @e will no longer crash the game when there are objects on the ground.

There are three changes in the new version, update Instructions for installing the beta version of Minecraft, and the launch of the preview version can be found here.

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