Minecraft: bedrock textures for llamas, horses and villagers bugged or not loading after v1.19.20 update, known issue

Minecraft is one of the most popular sandbox games. You could practically create anything due to its popularity. The only problem with this game is your imagination.

Minecraft: Bedrock textures not loading.

But many Minecraft players are reporting an issue where textures are not loading for many characters in the game (1,2,3,4,5,6).

The problem is usually shuffling, depending on whether the textures are incorrect or not loading characters like llamas, horses or villagers.

All villagers use the standard style and not the professional model where their characters must have skins according to their profession in the village.

The texture of the llamas is also broken, as they are pure red while others with a wandering trader have no wardrobe, which even have missing eyes. All horses appear completely black, but without eyes as well.


@MojangSupport your latest bugfix broke my game and more so my allay works fine, but llamas are untextured villagers no longer work. I get sent to the wrong coordinates when I go through portals. Source

Previously, my children complained about the lack of knowledge of their villages, and they did not show their professions, and animals like mice and horses looked tense in some of their grotesque rooms. Source

Affected players have not enabled any texture packs other than the default ones, but are now experiencing this issue.

Some believe that the problem is probably related to the update that was just released to v1.19.20.

Recognized problem

Luckily, Minecraft support acknowledged the issue was not loading and said they were working on it. While the numbers aren’t that big, it doesn’t reflect when it will be patched.


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