Minecraft Bedrock update 1.18.10 patch notes for today

A new Minecraft update was released today that includes some intriguing experimental features for Bedrock fans and users.

The latest Minecraft Bedrock update is now live, with patch 1.18.10 improving vanilla parity and adding experimental frogs.

Today’s Minecraft update is already live on the servers and includes exciting new content to try on all platforms.

As revealed in the official patch notes, Mojang developers have been busy adding experimental frogs to the game.

As usual, this is extra content with a warning to save your favorite worlds before unleashing the cold-blooded amphibians.


If the frogs are running amok and you haven’t taken precautions, your world may crash, crash, or not work with future updates.

When is Update 1.18.10 available?

The new Minecraft Bedrock update is available for download now and should be available to anyone running the current version of the game. Your console will have automatically downloaded the update unless you have automatic updates turned off, and it is confirmed to include over 100 bug fixes alongside the new features mentioned above.

Minecraft Update 1.18.10 Patch Notes

The full patch notes for Minecraft update 1.18.10 have been shared online and include all of the major changes and bug fixes added to the game on February 8. And unlike other more recent updates, today’s Minecraft patch comes with a long list of changes, including Vanilla Parity changes that make it closer to the older version. You can find all the great details listed below or on the official website Minecraft reviews website.


  • World settings can now be changed directly on realms, just like local worlds
  • If you’re playing in South Korea, we’ve added game timers and notices in accordance with gaming laws to help remind players to take occasional breaks from the game.

Vanilla Parity

  • Added globe banner pattern on bedrock
  • The raid boss bar now reads “Raid – Victory” and fireworks are launched from the ground after defeating a raid (MCPE-51267)
  • Villagers now play a “No” sound when attempting to trade indicating they are out of stock
  • Players no longer get a particle effect when getting Bad Omen from Pillager Captains
  • Iron golems now exhibit different degrees of cracking depending on their health. Iron Ingots can be used on damaged Iron Golems to repair them (MCPE-74081)
  • Removed the emerald icon above a villager’s head when trading
  • Iron golems now only attack players who have a very bad reputation in a village after attacking a villager
  • Glow Lichen now has similar brightness to Java Edition
  • Foxes now aim down sights when leaping (MCPE-143664)
  • Updated trade charts for butchers, cartographers, librarians and traveling traders
  • Biome decoration features in cave biomes now have a similar frequency to Java Edition
  • Adjusted the “otherside” music disc to emit a redstone signal of 14 to match Java Edition (MCPE-145751)
  • Adjusted the “Pigstep” music disc to output a redstone signal of 13 to match the Java Edition (MCPE-74030)
  • Updated textures for several blocks and elements to remove bugs and achieve parity between Bedrock and Java Edition (MCPE-127539) Lodestone Compass
  • Oak door, dark oak door, birch door, spruce door, acacia door and jungle door
  • Oak Sign, Dark Oak Sign, Birch Sign, Spruce Sign, Acacia Sign, Jungle Sign, Distorted Sign, and Crimson Sign
  • Campfire and Campfire of the Soul
  • Object frame and light object frame
  • Glow Berry Vines
  • Comparator (Enabled)
  • Wither
  • Additional texture updatesUpdated the top of the glass pane to match the new texture on Java Edition (MCPE-148572)
  • Fixed the top texture of Dark Oak Logs (MCPE-148577)
  • Updated Stripped Dark Oak side texture to match new texture on Java Edition (MCPE-148576)
  • Updated the texture of the Dirt Path side (MCPE-148568)
  • Changed name of texture file ‘door_oak’ to ‘door_wood’ (MCPE-148502)
  • Inverted textures of the parrot’s head and lower wings (MCPE-148573)
  • Moved beetroot and melon seed textures down one pixel row to match Java editing (MCPE-148561)
  • Removed unused pixels in Cocoa Beans stage 0 and stage 1 textures to match Java Edition
  • Updated smooth stone texture in armor stand base (MCPE-148565)
  • Removed horizontal lines in upper oak and iron door textures (MCPE-148566)
  • Removed hood in Witch, Evoker and Vindicator textures to match Java Edition
  • Changed alpha values ​​of red and blue stained glass textures to match Java Edition (Vanilla Parity)
  • Fixed the hammer icon color palette on the anvil screen (MCPE-148575)
  • Updated dark oak planks on mapping table textures (MCPE-148562)
  • Updated spruce planks on barrel bottom texture
  • Updated boards to base lectern texture (MCPE-148567)
  • Fixed highlight inconsistencies in Gold and Diamond Armor textures (MCPE-148591)
  • Removed stray pixel in carrot stage 3 texture (MCPE-148563)
  • Centered the back texture of the Axolotls (MCPE-148571)
  • The boat’s oars now have the same color as the boat (MCPE-150492)

Experimental features

Frogs and tadpoles

  • Frogs will spawn in swamp biomes
  • Frogs can croak, jump, swim and walk on land
  • Frogs can eat small slimes, which drops a ball of slime
  • Frogs can be tempted and bred using Seagrass, but it’s only a replacement food for now
  • Frogs lay eggs after mating
  • Hatching frog eggs spawn tadpoles
  • Growing tadpoles will turn into frogs
  • Tadpoles can swim in water
  • Tadpoles “jump” like fish when down and eventually die
  • Tadpoles become a different type of frog depending on the biome they were born in
  • Tadpoles can be caught in a bucket


  • Three new Froglight blocks have been added (Pearlescent, Verdant and Ocher)
  • Froglight blocks emit light
  • Blocks are obtained by luring a frog near a small magma cube. The frog will eat the Magma Cube and a Froglight block will fall. Each Frog variant will cause a different Froglight block to drop


  • Sculk block features can now be accessed by enabling this toggle