Minecraft can actually have knowledge

Minecraftit is The undeniable legacy is in part due to its creative approach to the survival game genre. With very few clear goals in the game, players are instead encouraged to use their creativity to build, adventure, and explore. Villages, fortresses, dungeons and caves add a sense of adventure to the vast world of Minecraft. The game’s open-ended nature has also inspired fans to come up with their own explanations, which could have led to the discovery of the game’s hidden lore.

The Ancient Builder Theory was popularized by the Game Theory YouTube channel. Chain originally proposed this theory to explain why players can discover so many ruined structures in the game world. Since then, Game Theory and fans of the channel have found a ton of hidden connections in the game that seem indicates that this theory of the ancient builders is the true “tradition” of Minecraft.

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The ancient builders at the heart of this theory are assumed to be a civilization of builders who lived in the world of Minecraft long before the events of the game. The player character is believed to be a descendant of this civilization, although this part of the theory is not particularly important. What’s important is that the various ruins and structures that players can find scattered around the world were all built by the ancient builders.

Fans have taken this lore one step further by exploring the question of what exactly happened to the builders. Game theory suggests that due to the existence of End portals in fortresses, they fled to the End to escape some kind of disaster. The exact nature of this disaster depends on theory, with the two main ideas being that it was either a flood or the Wither. The Flood Theory points to the existence of Ocean Monuments as evidence, although Wither’s Theory is by far the most compelling.

The Wither Theory has its roots in the Infernal Nether and the many dangers that await players within. The Nether native soul sand block texture appears to have small faces, or souls, embedded in it. Soul sand is also an essential part of summoning the Wither, which is done by placing three Wither Skeleton heads on a body made of soul sand. According to the theory, the ancient builders had attempted to use the souls in the soul sand to create life. Something went wrong with the process and instead the builders created the Wither.

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The Wither began to rage across the world, destroying many structures created by the Ancient Builders. The Ancient Builders have been forced to flee the Overworld and the Nether to the mysterious End. While they were technically immune to their own creation, the ending had a curious effect on them. Fans believe that the Chorus Fruit that can be found in the Ending slowly turned the Builders into Endermen who call the dimension home.

The theory mentions Chorus Fruit because the food causes players to mimic the Endermen’s teleport ability when consuming it. Fans suggest that the fruit, combined with extended exposure at the end, turned the ancient builders into something that might better survive the dimension. There’s also a decent amount of evidence to support this – for example, the Endermen’s passive vocal lines appear to be very distorted and reversed human speech, saying things like “Hi”, “What’s up” and “Look up the eye”. “

The fact that Endermen pick up blocks and place them around seems to suggest that they have a faint memory of building structures. Another proof can be found in the official book, Minecraft: Mobestiarywhich includes detailed diagrams of the anatomy of Minecraft‘s crowds. The diagram of the Endermen shows that they have very human brains, which seems to imply that they somehow resemble the character in the game.

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The story of Minecraft, according to this fan theory, appears to represent a descendant of a long-extinct civilization of master builders avenging their ancestors by freeing them from the end and continuing their legacy in the Overworld. It’s a backstory that, if true, fits really well with what Minecraft is all about. It’s subtle enough that it doesn’t specifically guide players towards defeating the Ender Dragon or the Wither, but it still gives the player’s actions a bit more context in the larger world.

Game Theory’s Builder story isn’t the first time someone has tried to decipher the history of Minecraft. Reddit user Theatakhan detailed his theory a few years before Game Theory premiered. Minecraft traditional video. They also suggest that only one civilization of Ancient Architects existed in the world before the players, but these Architects actually created many hostile mobs that roam the world. The theory also says that this ancient civilization was able to use command blocks in its heyday.

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However, theatakhan’s theory gets a little crazier than Game Theory’s. The end, in this interpretation, is actually named that because it symbolizes the real-world theory for the end of civilization. The ending is meant to replace the singularity, where technology and humanity become indistinguishable. Minecraft‘s Ancient Builders could have transcended the game code itself and escaped Minecraft in the real world.

While this theory certainly explores some fascinating concepts, it’s hard to deny that game theory MinecraftThe lore has a lot more in-game evidence to back it up. Even though it wasn’t designed as canon by Mojang, it’s still a pretty solid take on what MinecraftThe story could be. The story of a game about freedom and creativity is what players want it to be, which really makes Minecraft such a timeless experience.