Minecraft Dungeons Adds Seasonal Adventures, Battle Pass System, And More

During Minecraft Live, Mojang and Double Eleven revealed a new update for Minecraft Dungeons called Seasonal Adventures which adds a new battle pass system to the blocky dungeon crawler.
In Seasonal Adventures, you can unlock new items such as skins, capes, pets, and emotes by earning Adventure Points by playing the game and beating new weekly challenges. With Seasonal Adventures, there is both a paid track and a free track with different items, which is similar to other games with battle pass systems like Fornite and Warzone. Each Seasonal Adventure will be permanent and not deleted, which is a bit like what 343 Industries has planned for Halo Infinite.

Also coming to Minecraft Dungeons is The Tower, a new free-to-play mode that features thirty different floors where you’ll fight against various monsters and bosses that increase in difficulty as you climb the tower. The Tower is a single-player mode, and you’ll start with a blank character from the bottom and pick up new gear as you work your way to the top. The tower will also be refreshed every two weeks, just to keep things from getting stale.

Seasonal Adventures and The Tower are coming to Minecraft Dungeons in December.