Minecraft Dungeons Anniversary Event Date and Rewards Explained

Minecraft Dungeons will celebrate its 1st anniversary at the end of May and a special seasonal event will allow players to win prizes.

A special event is fast approaching for Minecraft Dungeons adventurers, as we approach the game’s first anniversary. Fans of the Minecraft– An inspired dungeon crawler will be able to log in during the anniversary event and complete special seasonal events to celebrate Minecraft Dungeon One year milestone. Completing these challenges will net players unique anniversary-themed prizes, including a special cape.

Minecraft Dungeons released on May 26, 2020. Unlike the original Minecraft title filled with open world exploration and self-guided gameplay, Minecraft Dungeons takes players on challenging, story-driven dungeon explorations based on the elements of the Minecraft world. Since its release, four DLC expansion packs have been added to Minecraft Dungeons, introducing new scenarios, gameplay and challenges. The game has also implemented seasonal events for Halloween, the holiday season, and now the anniversary event which runs at the end of the month.


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Participate in Minecraft Dungeons anniversary event, players will need to register between May 26 and June 8 and complete the seasonal trials. These tasks are like Minecraft Dungeons’ daily trials but appear on the mission select map with a purple marker. Tasks can be completed at any time during the event and can be completed at the player’s personal speed. Currently, there has been no news on what these Anniversary-related Seasonal Trials will include, but hopefully more information will be released soon.

Minecraft Dungeons Anniversary Event Will Include A Themed Cloak

Like past seasonal events in Minecraft Dungeons, the Anniversary Event will give players a handful of event-exclusive rewards. Past rewards have included event-themed swords, bows, and armor. According Minecraft, the anniversary event will include a special set of armor and a cape. It is also possible that the prizes for the event will be birthday cake themed, as noted in the information provided in the news article.

The Anniversary Event isn’t the only exciting content to look forward to in Minecraft Dungeons, as the new DLC pack was announced for later this month. The pack will feature content from the popular Dreamworks film series How to train your dragon. Although it has not been confirmed what How to train your dragon DLC will introduce, it’s possible fans can ride a dragon while wearing the anniversary event armor and cape, allowing them to fly through new Minecraft Dungeons styling challenges.

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Source: Mojang