Minecraft Dungeons Arcade replaces weapons and gear with physical maps

Minecraft Dungeons is getting an arcade cabinet that prints and scans physical maps to outfit returning players with weapons, gear, pets, and items.

Mojang’s dungeon crawler Minecraft Dungeons gets an arcade cabinet that uses physical maps instead of save files to upgrade weapons and gear. Minecraft Dungeons trades in the series’ survival and crafting mechanics for hack-and-slash hunts for loot. Although Dungeons plays differently from its more popular older sibling, it has the same blocky charm and aesthetic as the original Minecraft. Minecraft Dungeons recent DLC pack, Nether Flamesrecently released alongside an update that included a new mode called Ancient Hunts that drops players into the Nether on procedurally generated missions to obtain endgame gear.


Minecraft Dungeons The arcade game won’t be the first coin-op to print and scan physical maps. Injustice Arcadethe cabinet version of 2013 Injustice: Gods Among Us, prints the cards of playable heroes and villains in the team battle. These cards are primarily for collection, but they can also be scanned to battle as the character printed on the card.

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Arcade Dungeons Minecraft is a new four-player arcade that was announced today on Minecraftthe website of. Mojang is teaming up with Play Mechanix to create a stand-up version of the dungeon crawler. Arcade cabinets do not have save functions, so Arcade Dungeons Minecraft will print physical cards to equip players with a variety of weapons, gear, pets, and items. These cards must be earned in-game, but once obtained they can be used at the start of each game.

A player fights enemies around the secret button to reach the secret level Lost Settlement in Minecraft Dungeons Creeping Winter DLC

There will be 60 cards to collect Arcade Dungeons Minecraft and each player can use five cards per game. The cabinet has a scanner on top of the machine to arm each player with the gear that is printed on their cards. the Minecraft Dungeons The arcade version is similar to the console and PC versions of the game, but the pay-per-view cabinet is a new experience tailored to the new format. Play Mechanix creative director Will Carlin describes the consumer version of the game as a waltz, while the three-button arcade port is a super-fast breakdance.

Execution Minecraft DungeonsThe loot system in the arcade version could have simply meant starting from scratch at the start of each exploration. Using physical cards as a backup system is a creative way to attract players and entice players to play multiple times. Using cards also adds a collectible aspect to the game, keeping players coming back to collect all 60 cards. the Minecraft Dungeons The arcade game is still in the testing phase but can currently be found in select arcades that are following local health protocols to keep players safe. Unfortunately, Mojang hasn’t revealed where it will be playable, and it will likely be a while before the arcade version of Minecraft Dungeons is more widely distributed.

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