Minecraft Dungeons: Blacksmith Guide

When Minecraft Dungeons released for the first time, Black-smith was the principal merchant of the Camp. They were unlocked after completing the second mission, liana wood, and would give you random gear pieces in exchange for Emeralds.

However, the blacksmith has undergone a significant change after the release of the Creeping Winter DLC. The blacksmith now offers a way to improve your equipment, while the Mystery Merchant now sells random gear. Here’s everything you need to know about this mysterious blacksmith in Minecraft Dungeons.

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Updated August 31, 2021 by Stephen LaGioia: Although it tends to be overshadowed by its main sibling, this dune-crawling offshoot of Minecraft has quietly developed a passionate fan base in its own right. Bolstered by its addictive action-based gameplay, rewarding loot, and various DLC packs, the game has remained on the radar of dungeon crawlers and die-hard Minecraft fans alike.


With that in mind, and DLCs like Echoing Void adding new upgradable gear into the fold, it seemed fitting to revisit this list and add up-to-date information regarding this crucial NPC.

The changing appearance of the blacksmith

Minecraft Dungeons Blacksmith splits image of his old and new look

The appearance of this mysterious character is mainly hampered by his mask and apron. He strikes an ominous look with his glowing eyes and the bright purple symbol on his apron.

It turns out that the blacksmith’s skin was a little duller than that. He used to wear the mask over his eyes and it lacked the glowing elements it has now. As an interesting note, this original skin has been moved to the blacksmith in its captured form. The new look certainly makes it stand out more.

How to unlock the blacksmith

Minecraft Dungeons The Blacksmith in the Redstone Mines

First of all, where exactly is the blacksmith in Minecraft Dungeons?

  • The players go find the blacksmith in the redstone mines.
    • Since the Creeping Winter update, the blacksmith is no longer unlocked by completing Creeper Woods.
  • Start the Redstone Mines mission and progress through the whole level.
  • As you approach the end of the level, you will find the Blacksmith in a cage to the right of the exit. Interact with the cage to free them and unlock the new merchant.
  • He will spawn at the camp in the Overworld after this point.

How to upgrade equipment with the blacksmith

Minecraft Dungeons Blacksmith Upgrade Equipment Screen

To improve an item, you must give emeralds to the blacksmith. the The amount of emeralds required depends on the piece of equipment to be upgraded. The more powerful a piece of gear, the more Emeralds it will cost to upgrade. But players will have to spend at least 80 emeralds.

If you want to upgrade a specific item, you must unequip it first. Then interact with the blacksmith and he will show the upgrade screen.

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At the top you will see your upgrade locations. Select an upgrade location, then select an item from the section below. This only shows unequipped items, that’s why you need to unequip everything you want to upgrade first.

  • Currently the blacksmith can upgrade equipment up to level 251.

How to upgrade

Minecraft Dungeons Upgraded Item Eternal Knife

Once you have chosen an item to improve, it will be removed from your inventory. Any enchantment points used on the item will be returned to you. But it is important to note that the same choices of available enchantments will be offered as the original item before being upgraded. To complete the upgrade and retrieve your item, you must complete three missions on a certain difficulty.

The blacksmith goes specify the difficulty according to the power of the item you update. A low-level item might require three missions in default mode or higher, while a more powerful item might require you to complete three Apocalypse missions.

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Once you’ve completed three missions at the specified difficulty, return to the blacksmith to collect your upgraded weapon. He will then have a new level of power, which is decided by your recommended difficulty in Minecraft Dungeons. This should help you defeat some of the toughest enemies you’ve encountered so far.

How To Unlock More Upgrade Slots

Minecraft Dungeons Blacksmith Upgrade Slots dagger
  • When you first unlock the blacksmith in Redstone Mines, you will notice that he only has an available upgrade slot for your equipment. However, there is three in total. The other two are locked until you complete specific tasks.
  • To unlock the second upgrade slot, you must defeat the tough boss known as the Arch-Illager on default difficulty. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to upgrade two items at once.
  • To unlock the third slot, you must also defeat the Arch-Illager on Adventure difficulty. Adventure is unlocked after completing the default game.

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