Minecraft Dungeons Cloudy Climb Tower Release Date Announced

Minecraft Dungeons’ first seasonal adventure, titled Cloudy Climb, tasks players with battling through a massive tower to earn unique rewards.

cloud risethe first upcoming seasonal adventure Minecraft Dungeons, was revealed to arrive next month. The 2020 hack-and-slash dungeon crawler serves as a spin-off of the franchise’s original survival sandbox installment, tasking players with raiding dungeons for rare loot. Minecraft Dungeons‘, announced in October, will give the title a continuous stream of new missions that can be replayed repeatedly once started.

While the original Minecraft is a survival sandbox title played from a first-person perspective, the spin-off Minecraft Dungeons is a top-down action RPG where players compete in handcrafted and procedurally generated dungeons. Random assortments of enemies arrive to challenge players, and other obstacles such as puzzles and bosses create an even more challenging experience. Following its launch in May 2020, the block-based action title received four different pieces of post-launch content, each containing both free content and paid add-ons. Minecraft Dungeonsechoing void The DLC served as the last traditional expansion for the game, but Seasonal Adventures will continue to provide players with new levels to work through on a regular basis.


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A new trailer for Minecraft Dungeons’ first seasonal adventure, posted at Minecraft YouTube account, reveals the release date of the update as December 14. The first seasonal adventure, titled cloud rise, will challenge players to overcome obstacles to scale a mysterious tower filled with exciting new rewards. Surviving skirmishes and venturing higher will grant players all-new cosmetic items such as pets, emotes, and flairs. Each floor of the Cloud Tower seems to feature hectic battles that should challenge even the most skilled dungeon crawlers.

See the launch date trailer for Minecraft Dungeons: Cloudy Ascension on YouTube here.

the Minecraft The franchise has been a huge success for developer Mojang, with the acclaim of the original block-based title leading to a number of spin-offs and crossovers with other media. While the relatively new Minecraft Dungeons is still supported, its sandbox predecessor also continues to receive updates over a decade after its original release. Minecraftit’s Caves and Cliffs Update: Part 2 releases November 30, dramatically changing the way game worlds are generated. Minecraft uses a terrain generation system to produce its randomly generated worlds, but this system often results in different biomes clashing in weird ways. Caves and Cliffs: Part 2 will enhance this terrain generation, creating more blended and immersive environments, while adding features like more elaborate cave systems.

While the game’s final DLC may have launched, Minecraft Dungeons is set to continue to receive a constant stream of new content. Seasonal adventures like cloud rise will keep players engaged by frequently adding new challenges to overcome and new rewards to earn. The title’s first piece of seasonal content looks to be quite substantial, with a massive tower to conquer a hectic arena at a time.

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Minecraft Dungeons is available on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Source: Minecraft/YouTube

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