Minecraft Dungeons Dev Diary sheds light on gameplay

Minecraft Dungeons will be launched in April and is one of our most highly anticipated games next year. We still don’t really know MC Dungeonsalthough Mojang is trying to change that with a new dev diary focusing on how Minecraft Dungeons rooms.

Director Mans Olson and senior designer Laura De Llorens both said the main focus with Dungeons preserves and reproduces the Minecraft feel. However, they recognize that it means something different to virtually everyone who plays. Minecraft.

The challenge then comes down to creating fun and quirky feedback between the game and the players, with a healthy balance between the expected and the unexpected.

One thing players can expect, Olson and De Llorens say, is a deep gear-centric progression system. loot games like Minecraft Dungeon live or die according to the quality of their spoils, and Minecraft Dungeons builds on this truth by incorporating different customization options called enchantments for all gear.

These offer abilities or skills, much like Materia from Final Fantasy 7meaning players have countless opportunities to find or create their perfect playstyle.

The same goes for how to approach Minecraft Dungeons in general. The game will feature online multiplayer, local co-op, and single-player modes. While Olson hopes the players will enjoy working together in person, there’s always something for everyone.

You can check out the full dev diary in the video at the top of this story. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Minecraft Dungeons news as they are (randomly) generated.