Minecraft Dungeon’s Echoing Void DLC takes you to the end

The latest Minecraft Dungeons DLC is now available, promising “the conclusion of the Minecraft Dungeons story”. Conclusions strikes me as the kind of thing you should include in the base game – but the DLC also adds the Minecraft biome known as “The End”, Endermen mobs, and new items. There is a trailer below.

I never cared about chasing The End in the original Minecraft, but this version of Dungeons looks a lot more interesting and colorful than what I’ve seen in the base game screenshots.

The expansion adds three new missions to complete the game’s story, along with new weapons, gear, and artifacts, as well as two new skins and a pet. Minecraft Dungeons, if you didn’t know, is an action RPG, which means it’s really a game about clicking through mobs until they drop weapons and gear. I’m a little sulky about the supposed end of the story in a DLC, but I played the beginning from the story to launch and as far as I remember it was like this: click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click. A story as old as time.

In his Minecraft Dungeons review, Nate was full of measured praise, calling it a great beginner’s ARPG while wishing its developers had been bolder with its design. Mainly because it feels a little weird to play a Minecraft game where you have destructive powers, but the geometry isn’t destructible in any way.

Echoing Void is £5/$6 from the Windows Store.

Of course, if Dungeons isn’t your thing and you’re more into building and exploring the original game, you should check out Ollie’s list of the best Minecraft seeds.