Minecraft Dungeons: Everything We Know About Cross-Platform Support

Minecraft Dungeons Received frequent quality of life updates to add sought after features and improve performance of isometric ARPG style Minecraft adventure. One of the long-awaited updates is cross-platform support for a variety of devices, making it easier for friends to play together or move to a new device. Here’s everything we know.

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Does Minecraft Dungeons support cross-platform play?

Yes! The feature had been missing for a while but finally arrived on November 17, 2020, fulfilling a long term promise from Mojang that they were working towards unity Dungeons players on multiple systems. Cross-platform multiplayer works with the party system in Dungeonsallowing up to four players to travel together, no matter what system they are using.

Along with announcing cross-platform support, Mojang also revealed its second DLC pack, creeping winterwhich was released in December 2020. In other words, if it’s been a while since you’ve played, there’s good reason to take Dungeons again for another round!

What platforms can you play Minecraft Dungeons on today?

Cross-platform support is enabled for Windows 10, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. As this is primarily a server-side and software update that is not hardware dependent, it also works with newer consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

How do I party with players on other platforms?

Connect to the device of your choice and verify that all Minecraft Dungeons updates have been applied. Next, your steps to enable cross-platform may vary slightly depending on your platform:

Xbox and Windows: Microsoft owns Mojang and Minecraft, so it’s no surprise that cross-platform is designed to work through Microsft accounts. Players on these platforms won’t need to do anything different – cross-platform is automatically enabled and should work as soon as you log in to play in a party.

Switch and PlayStation: On these platforms, you must complete the additional step of signing in with your Microsoft account. If you don’t already have one, you can easily create one for free for this purpose. Then choose to Login for online cooperation on the Dungeons home screen and sign in with your Microsoft account. Dungeons will give you a verification code to submit and then link you to the cross-platform. You should only have to do this once.

Both options require access to online games through a subscription, from Nintendo Online to Xbox Live or Game Pass. The only exception to this is PC playback, where no subscription is required. Oh, and if you’re on PlayStation, you might want to get into Game settings and Configure online play to make sure cross-platform multiplayer is enabled. This is usually not a problem unless it has been disabled in the past.

Once logged in and ready to go, anyone can send friend invites and check which friends are online on their platforms. However, Switch and PlayStation players may only be able to send invites, and not receive them. It may take some prep and setup work to get all your friends together in the same game. Make sure everyone knows your gamertag on your platform of choice so they can find you more easily using the Friends menu.

Can I save and then switch between platforms on Minecraft Dungeons while continuing to progress?

You probably won’t be able to do it the way you have in mind. You can just grab the same characters and update to a different console on the same platform. In other words, if you’re upgrading from an Xbox One to an Xbox Series X, you’ll need to make sure you’re signed in to the corresponding Microsoft account and your game information should be the same. However, you will not be able to switch platforms and save your progress. If you used your PlayStation, but want to take your dungeons on the go with a Switch, you’ll have to start the process all over again. .

The best part is that Mojang has assured that this feature, which it calls “cloud saving”, will be available soon and will allow you to switch between platforms while preserving all your precious progress. However, we don’t know of any current date for the release of this feature.

Is cross-platform coming to other devices for Dungeons?

No other plans available for cross-platform play have been announced except for cloud saves. Minecraft Dungeons is only offered on the four major platforms – Windows, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch – and has not been licensed for any other platforms. If that ever happens, we hope cross-platforming goes with it. So far, we haven’t heard of any existing plans for a mobile version of the game other than the Switch.

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