Minecraft Dungeons finally adds cloud-enabled cross-saves on all platforms

Source: Mojang Studios | Twitter

We are approaching the first anniversary of Minecraft Dungeons, the action-RPG spin-off of Minecraft. During this time, Minecraft Dungeons received several updates and DLCs, culminating with the recent (and massive) Flames of the Nether DLC, to add new features and significantly improve the game over time. One thing that’s been sorely missing since launch, however, is cross-save support. After nearly 12 months of waiting (nearly 6 months after Minecraft Dungeons officially added cross-play support and promised cross-save, we are finally getting cross-save support in Minecraft Dungeons.

Today, Mojang Studios and Double Eleven are finally rolling out the update that officially enables cloud-powered cross-saves in Minecraft Dungeons at some point today. Powered by the same Microsoft account you use to enjoy cross-play to join your friends, cross-saves allow you to transport your characters and all of their progress across all Minecraft Dungeons platforms is available. Yes, this includes Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, PS5, PS4, PC and Switch. However, this does not include purchases, such as the Minecraft Dungeons Season Pass.

Minecraft Dungeons players have been waiting a long time for cross-save support to arrive, and at times the omission has been frustrating. We discussed this and more in our overview of Mojang Studios and how it sometimes feels like an underfunded indie studio.

Now, with cross-save support, Minecraft Dungeons fully feels like the game it could have been at launch. With all the post-launch support the game has received, it’s absolutely one of the best games on Xbox and one of the best games on Xbox Game Pass. If you haven’t checked out Mojang Studios’ experimental Minecraft franchise expansion yet, it’s definitely worth checking out. Now, with cross-save, you can worry even less about losing some of your progress if you’re playing on multiple platforms.

Cross-save support comes in Minecraft Dungeons Patch Update, which also includes a small handful of other bug fixes and tweaks. The full changelog for Minecraft Dungeons includes:

The cloud saves

  • The long-awaited Cloud Saves feature is now available in Minecraft Dungeons! With this update, you can now save your progress to the cloud, so you can collect and play your heroes on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S


  • Introducing localization support for Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese text and voiceovers for all platforms
  • Improved font used on platforms already localized in Chinese


  • Fixed one of the major crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • Fixed a crash that could occur after creating a second lobby in a single session
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when standing in Piglin Fungus Thrower clouds
  • Fixed objects permanently falling off the edges of some tiles in Ancient Hunts
  • Emote wheel is no longer accessible in local co-op
  • Fixed players being unable to join online sessions after creating a new character
  • Fixed a soft lock that could occur when opening Settings after viewing the Friends List
  • Main menu can no longer be inadvertently navigated when using account login prompts
  • Fixed text coming out of screen in multiple languages ​​on various menu screens
  • The prompt displayed when disconnecting a controller is now fully translated in all supported languages
  • Clarified the descriptions of several enchantment effects (New wording in bold):
  • Critical Strike
    • Given critical hit chance
  • Frozen
  • shine
    • AX chance to spawn circular area that heals you and all allies inside The area
  • Weakening
  • Radiance
    • AX chance to spawn a circular area that heals **you and** all allies inside The area
  • Reload shot
  • Cool
  • Cooling
  • Frantic
    • X attack speed
    • As long as you are within X life points, your melee and ranged attack speeds are increases
  • Acrobat
  • boss of the beast
  • beast wave

The next era of dungeons

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It’s been a busy first year for Minecraft Dungeons, and now the Minecraft dungeon-crawling ARPG spin-off is looking to its future, with four new expansions planned. The first two, Howling Peaks and Flames of the Nether, are available now, but players can also grab the new Season Pass for immediate access to all four expansions when they launch.

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