Minecraft Dungeons finally brings long-awaited Blazing Mob to the game

There are more than a few menacing mobs in Minecraft and the same can certainly be said for Minecraft Dungeons. Mojang’s hit dungeon crawler also has the distinction of having significantly larger (and arguably scarier) mobs than its original counterpart.

Monsters like Endersent, Enchanter, Frozen Zombie, Iceologer, Necromancer, Snareling, and many more all exist in Dungeons, but not in Minecraft. Interestingly, this list will grow a bit longer as Mojang has finally introduced the long-awaited Wildfire to Minecraft Dungeons.

Minecraft Dungeons gets a highly anticipated Wildfire mob

The Wildfire is slated for the Luminous Night seasonal adventure, the second of its kind. It will be released on April 20. The Wildfire was originally planned for the Flames of the Nether DLC, but was ultimately not released.

The Wildfire is meant to be similar to the Blaze mob, but much stronger and more resilient. Additionally, it will also be much bigger and more challenging for Minecraft Dungeons players.

He has shields around him to protect himself as well as a helmet on his head. Here’s how Mojang described its difficulty:

“The Blazes are…the most menacing mob you can encounter in the Minecraft universe. Hovering above the ground while firing deadly fireballs at innocent and unsuspecting adventurers is part of its sinister repertoire. With that in mind, it’s mind-blowing that our beloved developers thought it was a good idea to cook up an improved, even deadlier version of this fierce enemy. Some developers just want to watch their code burn!”

A rough preview of what the wildfire would look like in Minecraft (Image via CurseForge)
A rough preview of what the wildfire would look like in Minecraft (Image via CurseForge)

Obviously the Wildfire will be a huge challenge. The main reason this mob was delayed was because Mojang wanted to strike the perfect balance between making it difficult enough without being too frustrating for players to bother fighting.

@dungeonsgame I love that a lot of the mobs that were rejected in previous votes are still heading to Minecraft Dungeons 🙂

Now that they’re finally ready to add the crowd to the game, it looks like Mojang has struck that perfect balance. The Wildfire will feature prominently in the upcoming Seasonal Adventure, which will be available to download in just five days. For more information, readers can visit Mojang’s official website.

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