Minecraft Dungeons Flames of the Nether DLC arrives February 24


Mojang Studios has announced that the next expansion for its Minecraft spin-off Minecraft Dungeons will be called Flames of the Nether and will be released in late February.

The Flames of the Nether expansion will feature six new missions featuring “familiar” biomes that will take players “on a journey to the flaming heart of the Nether itself”. Players will be able to earn new artifacts, weapons, and gear along with two new hero skins and a Baby Ghast pet from the new expansion.

Along with the paid expansion, a free update will be available for all Minecraft Dungeons players. The update will add a new feature called Ancient Hunts, which are “procedurally generated end-game missions that go in and out of the Nether.”

The ancient mobs in these missions offer “high-level golden gear” and players can earn the new gold currency from these missions which will be used for the new Piglin merchant in the player’s camp. The free update will also bring changes to the difficulty settings of Apocalypse Plus.

The Flames of the Nether expansion and free update will come to Minecraft Dungeons on February 24 for Windows 10 PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. The expansion will be part of the game’s season pass or can be purchased separately.