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Minecraft Dungeons for Xbox and PC announces its next DLC, “Flames of the Nether”, and a free update coming February 24

Source: Mojang Studios | Twitter

Minecraft Dungeons is starting the week off with a huge announcement: the next Minecraft Dungeons DLC is Flames of the Nether, and it’s coming this month with a massive free update. After tons of speculation, teases from the Minecraft Dungeons team, and Minecraft Live previews, it’s finally official. Minecraft Dungeons is heading to the Nether. Flames of the Nether DLC will launch for Minecraft Dungeons on February 24, 2021.

Flames of the Nether will include a ton of new content for Minecraft Dungeons and should be the biggest DLC we’ve seen to date. It means six new missionsinstead of the usual three, featuring biomes from Minecraft’s Nether update, weapons, artifacts, gear, mobs, cosmetic skins, and the Baby Ghast cosmetic pet.

However, there will also be an equally ambitious free update launching alongside Flames of the Nether that adds Ancient Hunts, which are procedurally generated end-game missions. These missions offer nearly infinite replayability for players in exchange for some of the most powerful gear and gear in the game. in the camp. Finally, the Apocalypse Plus mode will receive new changes and additions.

You’ll probably be able to purchase Flames of the Nether on its own, but it will also be included in the already available Season Pass, which includes Howling Peaks DLC, Flames of the Nether DLC, and the next two DLCs after that. , which will probably go underwater and all the way.

We’ve been waiting for Minecraft Dungeons to go to the Nether ever since we found the remains of a hidden Nether portal in the camp, and one of the biggest things that Minecraft Dungeons was missing compared to other popular ARPG titles was the existence of true endgame content. Flames of the Nether should fix both of these issues. Luckily, we really don’t have long to wait, as Flames of the Nether and its free update are coming to Xbox, PC, Switch, and PlayStation on February 24, 2021.

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