Minecraft Dungeons gets a new season pass

Mojang has announced a new season pass for Minecraft Dungeons which will contain four additional DLC packs in addition to the two already launched.

The enjoyable Diablo-lite spin-off first arrived earlier this year and soon added two additional packs, Jungle Awakens and Creeping Winter, which you can purchase separately or with a “Hero Pass”.

Dungeons’ next previously announced Howling Peaks DLC will arrive on December 9, Mojang announced in a blog post. tweeted last night but is currently offline. (The cached version from Google is still visible.) As with the other packs, Howling Peaks will add a new biome, new story missions and enemies, as well as more gear and items.

This blog post also included details about the game’s new season pass, which will offer a saving on buying Howling Peaks and the following three DLCs separately.

It is unknown where these three packs could be installed. Will the Obsidian Gate to the game’s central world finally be lit? You do not know…

“You can build anything in Minecraft, which this fun dungeon crawler from Mojang brilliantly proves,” I wrote in Eurogamer’s Minecraft Dungeons review. “It’s a solid expansion to the franchise, and by far the most promising Minecraft spin-off released to date.”