Minecraft Dungeons guide: How to use the different power-ups, pick-ups and consumables

Minecraft Dungeons has a plethora of different items and gear to use, including weapons, armor, artifacts, and even unique gear. On top of all that, we also have consumables and loot items that you can find in the world. Here’s everything you need to know about power-ups, pickups, and consumables in Minecraft Dungeons.

How can I use power-ups and consumables in Minecraft Dungeons?

Using power-ups and other items is pretty straightforward in Minecraft Dungeons, usually requiring you to walk up to them and press “A” on your controller. Some items will give you an immediate boost or have an instant effect, while others apply lingering effects. In the case of DTT, you will have to actively use it. Most of the time, you won’t need to think too much about power-ups in Dungeons, because the game will do all the work for you.

If you’ve picked up TNT, you’ll notice your character wearing it above their head as they move around the map. You’ll have to choose carefully where you put this, as TNT has a pretty big bang, but you have to choose. Once you pick up TNT, you can face in any direction and press the attack button. Your character will throw the TNT a decent distance and you will see the outline of its explosive power surrounding it. Stay outside the circle and you’ll be set.

As for the other power-ups, all you need to worry about is what each does and how useful they are to you. Here are all the different power-ups, pickups, and consumables in Minecraft Dungeons.

What are all the different power-ups and consumables in Minecraft Dungeons?

Generally, these miscellaneous items are anything that falls on the ground and isn’t part of your gear, so it doesn’t go into your inventory. They are usually temporary and never last beyond the level you are currently at. These consumables can be divided into a few categories, including food, potions, and any other supplies. There aren’t a ton of different items to pick up in dungeons, but it’s always wise to remember what’s out there and how each can help out at a glance.


All foods apply a temporary regenerating bonus health, and this effect is applied immediately. If you’re getting into or out of a tough battle and don’t want to use a valuable, time-limited health potion, you can kill livestock, search supply chests, or (if you’re very lucky) find a piggy bank and use food to heal yourself beforehand. It will also make you a little harder to kill as your health regenerates even when you take damage.

The food we know in the game includes:


Potions in Minecraft Dungeons apply instant temporary boosts similar to food, but instead boost your stats for a little while. For example, potions of strength will increase your attack damage, while potions of speed will increase your movement speed. Shadow Brew grants you invisibility and makes your next melee attack even more powerful. There may also be a lot more potions, but those are the two we know about right now.

The potions we know of in the game include:

  • Potion of strength.
  • Speed ​​potion.
  • Infusion of shade.

Other supplies

This category is for pickups and consumables that do not apply instant temporary buffs, but instead require active use. TNT is relatively common, as it can be dropped by random enemies that are defeated. Arrows, which are needed to take down enemies with a bow (and are great for creepers), don’t follow you through levels if you go over the minimum 60 you start with.

Supplies we know of in the game include:

A quick snack and a handful of TNT

Power-ups, pickups, and consumables can give you much-needed boosts at the peak of a battle, or help prepare you for an upcoming showdown with a tough boss. There might be a lot more consumables in Minecraft Dungeons than in this guide, so we’ll be sure to update it as soon as we find them. In the meantime, keep an eye out and use these powerful items to your advantage!

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