Minecraft Dungeons: How to Improve Fast Gear Upgrades, Bosses, Story Progression, and More

The Minecraft franchise has come a very long way over the past decade, and the latest addition to the series is about to steer it in a new direction!

In Mojang’s upcoming hack-and-slash spin-off, Minecraft Dungeons, you’ll be able to fight mobs, scavenge for loot, and enchant all your gear with special abilities.

But aside from enchanting your weapons, the best way to make your gear more powerful is to level up.

Here we cover the best ways to level up and the top reasons why you should bother!

Continue below for all the details.

How to level up

There’s nothing easier in Minecraft Dungeons than leveling up, because just playing the game starts the process!

TIP: Avoid devastating lightning strikes or you will be knocked down

You accumulate experience points over time, and unlike other games, there’s no complicated system where you’ll have to search for additional quests.

But why bother?

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Well, leveling up allows you to make your gear more powerful and nets you a bunch of enchantment points!

Check out the four best ways to level up below.

kill enemies

Each enemy you kill earns you experience points, the amount of which depends on the strength or difficulty of the enemy.

EXPLORATION: The interactive world will be bigger than ever!

A few encounters with the Brutal Raiders can fill up the level progress meter early on!

Survive ambushes

From time to time, you will be cornered and ambushed by a group of enemies, and you will have to hold your ground against waves of opposing forces.

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Surviving these ambushes will guarantee a bunch of experience points for the enemies you kill.

Move through history

As you progress through the main story, you will earn experience points for completing quests and objectives.

PARTY TIME: Progress through the game for experience points and loot!

These are, of course, usually accompanied by swarms of enemies, but it’s a fun and engaging way to level up.

Defeat bosses

The game is divided by difficult bosses of different strengths and abilities.

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Successfully defeating these bosses is the best way to rack up experience points quickly, guaranteeing you nice gear.