Minecraft Dungeons introduces new tower and storage chests in update

The latest update of Minecraft Dungeons is outside. The Luminous Night update adds another tower, seasonal rewards, and more. The tower brings new biomes, mysterious murals, puzzles, and a boss that might be too much to handle. Some gamers might remember the boss of the crowd vote held in 2017. That’s right, Wildfire – the second highest rated crowd of 2017 – is finally making its way into the Minecraft Universe.

Storage chests

Each central hub of Minecraft Dungeons will now have storage chests where players can store an additional 300 items. This is extremely useful as players can just come back after missions and store all the rewards without worrying about losing them. The best part is that items in storage vaults can be transferred between platforms using cloud saves. Now players who switch between platforms frequently don’t have to worry about earning rewards over and over again.

Minecraft Dungeons Update



  • Fire resistant mobs can no longer fall into lava on certain tower floors

  • The Uniquesmith now buffs the power level of a selected item to match the player’s most powerful gear.

  • Fixed several exploits around bosses and obtaining super-powered gear in the tower

  • Fixed missing sounds when bosses spawn in the tower

  • Added missing sounds to Tower Keeper on Tower Failed screen

  • Fixed some tower doors that could be opened twice, blocking tower progression

abomination of the jungle

  • Jungle Abomination arena in Overgrown Temple is now smaller

  • Pursuit speed increased to 1.4

  • Poison attack 360 modified to fire two volleys 0.5 seconds apart with an angle difference of 22.5 degrees

  • Damage multiplier for poison darts increased to 1.35

  • 360 degree poison attack cooldown reduced from 20 seconds to 10 seconds

  • Added a combo attack, which summons vines and fires 360 degree darts at the same time

  • Created a new projectile and poison effect for Jungle Abomination’s attack

  • Added Poison (5 seconds) to Jungle Abomination’s melee attack

  • Added poison resistance to Jungle Abomination

You can read more about the update here.