Minecraft Dungeons is coming to Steam on September 22

The action RPG from Mojang Studios Minecraft Dungeons is coming to another PC showcase soon, with the developer surprisingly announcing the Steam title today. Originally launched in May last year, Minecraft Dungeons hits Steam for the first time on September 22.

So far on PC, experiencing this block-based spin-off has only been possible for players on the Microsoft Store, either by purchasing it outright or via Xbox Game Pass. As Microsoft continues to expand its offerings on Steam, this will be the last Xbox Game Studios title to hit the Valve platform.

For those who don’t know Minecraft Dungeonsit offers a more simplified approach Diablo-like a classless experience where players explore dungeons through enemy-infested biomes located in the Minecraft universe. This time there is a storyline, however. Most of the enemies, bosses, gear types, and powers are also inspired by the original sandbox game. The title supports cooperative play for up to four players, locally or online, and has cross-play support enabled.

The title has received six DLC expansion packs since its launch last year: Jungle Awakens, Creeping Winter, Howling Peaks, Flames of the Nether, Hidden Depths and Echoing Void. These come with additional levels crafted from fresh biomes as well as new monsters and gear.

As on other platforms, Minecraft Dungeons will come in at $19.99 on Steam. pick it up Ultimate Edition – containing the base game, all six DLC packs, plus exclusive bonuses like the soundtrack and artwork – will cost $39.99.