Minecraft: Dungeons is getting a season pass alongside next month’s DLC

Hack ‘n’ slash ‘n’ mine ‘n’ crafter Minecraft: Dungeons is all geared up for winter mountaineering. Block dungeon diver’s next DLC, Howling Peaks, begins its expedition in just over two weeks – and with new villains and bosses, it’s not just vertigo you’ll be watching. But Mojang has also stuffed a brand new season pass into its backpack, for the square-headed adventurer who’s already looking beyond the ridgeline for upcoming DLC ​​quests.

Howling Peaks already received a small showcase a few weeks ago, featuring a demo of Mince Dungeon’s upcoming cross-platform multiplayer update. This feature arrived last week, but it will take a few more until we hit some serious heights.

The biting cold isn’t enough to deter your party from a future in mountaineering, Howling Peaks offers a new roster of well-acclimated fiends to the rarefied air. Squall Golems, Mountaineer, arrogant goats and a big bad Tempest Golem all the way to the top, with more to discover over the next few weeks on the Minecraft Dungeons Twitter Page. They’ll of course be keeping a trove of new weapons and gear, though Mojang also notes that there will be six new enchantments free for people to pick up the DLC on or not.

While Howling Peaks already seems to be treading on Creeping Winter’s frosty toes a bit, Minecraft Dungeons hasn’t mined the well on new vox dungeons. The developers have three more DLC packs planned after Howling Peaks – and if you want to tick them all off your list at once, you can get the bundle with a new season pass.

This pass will go live with Howling Peaks on December 9, and both will be available to pick up from the Minecraft Dungeons store.