Minecraft Dungeons: Luminous Night is now live

The second seasonal adventure for Minecraft Dungeons was launched today. Players can now start exploring the new event, named Luminous Night on consoles and PC. With the new chapter comes a new theme, and players will see the darkness of night descend upon the game, with strange new symbols featured on the tower murals. The new update adds several new features and bug fixes to the game, including a new seasonal adventure rewards track for players to level up.

The new seasonal adventure has been released with a new launch trailer today, which you can check out in full here to get a feel for Luminous Night’s new nightlife-themed experience.

In the trailer, some of the update’s new “glow features” are much clearer, as well as some of the nighttime battles players can engage in. According to an update shared on the Minecraft Dungeons website, players can expect a range of new rewards, challenges, experiences, and cosmetic content in this new Minecraft Dungeons adventure.

The update also brings 10 new unlockable achievements for players, as well as a storage chest that allows players to store an additional 300 items per character.

Luminous Night is a free update for all players of Minecraft Dungeons, although there is a second reward track (the Luminous Night Adventure Pass) which is available for purchase should players wish. This pass includes additional bioluminescent reward items that can be unlocked on a separate reward track from the free version.

Mojang also used this update to implement several bug fixes. Some of the major improvements included in the patch notes include fixes to several crashes that can occur during gameplay, several fixes to specific missions, gear, and mobs, and a range of improvements to the overall UI. You can view the full list at Minecraft Dungeons website.

Minecraft Dungeons is out now and is available on Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.