Minecraft Dungeons Luminous Night Release Date and Update News

The Minecraft Dungeons Luminous Night update is coming this week, with Mojang adding new monsters and rewards to the game.

Minecraft Dungeons’ second seasonal adventure shouldn’t be considered new DLC content, but it does come with some significant changes that all fans will want to know about.

Described as the darkest update released for the game so far, Luminous Night will take the game down a darker path, with exciting plans coming to fruition later this week.

Minecraft Dungeons | Cloudy Climb Launch Trailer

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Minecraft Dungeons | Cloudy Climb Launch Trailer






When is the Minecraft Dungeons Luminous Night update coming out?

Developers Mojang have confirmed that the release date for Minecraft Dungeons Luminous Night is set for Wednesday, April 20, 2022. More information on the final launch schedule may be shared before the new update arrives, fans expecting an early release. And Majong has already shared plenty of details about what will be included in this week’s big patch launch, including a new Mob coming to the game.

The Wildfire Mob is not an original concept in the Minecraft universe and is described as an upgraded version of Blazes that can already be encountered. Mojang confirms that the original Wildfire concept was first introduced in 2017 in Minecon Earth’s first ever crowd vote, losing to the ghost.

And as confirmed by Mojang in a new blog post: “The rest is history – one roamed the skies, terrorizing insomniacs and nocturnal explorers, while the other became a forgotten chapter of a story that wasn’t meant to be – until today.”

According to the Minecraft Dungeons development team, the new Wildfire will be encountered inside the Tower and during Nether missions, which means it won’t just be connected to the game’s new seasonal content. for the launch of Luminous Night and will now be available to explore during the night, with new floors and puzzles to solve. Mojang also confirms that many new seasonal skins will be available to unlock and will be best used during nighttime play.

This new cosmetic line will include themed items such as skins, capes, emotes, and flairs that will illuminate your surroundings with luminescent light. Other light-themed content will also be released, including two new pets, named the Ministrosity and the Abomination. This week’s Minecraft Dungeons update will also include new quality of life features, with the storage chest confirmed to arrive on April 20 to help with stock balancing.

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