Minecraft Dungeons Nether DLC, Biggest Free Update Yet Coming This Month

The latest DLC for Minecraft Dungeons, the Flames of the Nether, will be released later this month alongside the game’s biggest free update yet.

Minecraft Dungeons developer Mojang Studios has announced that Nether Flamesthe latest DLC for his dungeon crawler Minecraft spin-off, will be released this month with a free update. Things have been quiet on the Minecraft Dungeons since its last seasonal event, Chills and Thrills, which ended on December 30. The seasonal event introduced six new trials as well as three unique items that players can complete and collect, respectively.

Minecraft Dungeons has seen three major DLC releases since its launch in May 2020, including last December’s Howling Peaks DLC which was the first item in the game’s new season pass. While the original Hero Pass included the The jungle wakes up and Winter Crawler DLCsthe game’s new season pass will give players access to four expansions, including the aforementioned one howling peaks DLC as well as a game in the Nether realm, another in the ocean biome, and the last in the mysterious dimension The End.


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Mojang announced the February 24 release date for the Flames of the Nether DLC and its accompanying free update in a blog post on the Minecraft website. The Flames of the Nether DLC takes players to the realm of the Nether and will feature a new story and six new missions to complete. The DLC will also introduce two new skins and a Baby Ghast pet as well as new artifacts, weapons, and gear to collect. As for the free update, it will add a major new feature to the game called Ancient Hunts.

Ancient Hunts are new endgame missions that feature procedurally generated maps and ancient enemies that will reward players with premium golden gear. Players will also have the chance to earn the new gold currency from Ancient Hunts which can be used at the new Piglin Merchant at the player’s camp. Mojang has yet to announce what merchant Piglin will offer in exchange for gold. Finally, the free update will also introduce changes to the game’s Apocalypse Plus difficulty level that was introduced during last year’s Spooky Fall event.

It’s quite surprising to see Minecraft Dungeon New Nether Flames DLC released so soon after its Howling Peaks update, especially considering the size of the previous DLC and the extent of the gaps between previous expansion releases. Only a few weeks before the release of Nether Flames DLC, fans of Minecraft Dungeons can expect more announcements on both the new extension as well as the free update that will be released soon with it.

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