Minecraft Dungeons New Creeping Winter DLC Available Now

Brr. Minecraft Dungeons is a bit chilly now.

Earlier this year, Minecraft Dungeons launched for all major platforms, bringing the world of Minecraft to a dungeon-crawler style game. In July, the game got its first DLC which brought new story missions, armors, weapons and more. Announced today, brand new DLC is now available for purchase and keeps things a bit chilly alongside a free update.

creeping winter is a new DLC that introduces 3 new missions to participate in, pits players against new enemies The Illusioner and Iceologer, and there’s also a Wretched Wraith. Players will also be able to obtain new armor, weapons, and artifacts. You can see the DLC in action below with some snow and ice to really experience the wintry vibe.


In addition to the DLC, the already mentioned free update is available for Minecraft Dungeons. The camp update is free and features village merchants and a blacksmith who can upgrade your gear as well as gift wrapping for multiplayer trading. And with the update, a new daily trials feature has been added. This will allow players to get 2 Daily Trials to complete each day with an additional trial for each DLC owned. These trials will apparently be more difficult than normal gameplay but will provide access to higher rarity levels.

The creeping winter The DLC is available for $5.99 and requires the base game of Minecraft Dungeons which is available on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Players can also upgrade their standard edition of the game with a Hero Pass that includes unique cosmetics as well as the previous DLC launched earlier this year.